tl v. kao



10-04-2005 03:19:30

maya v. dutch on hole- This lasts until VI though you might feel like you're screeching your nails on the blackboard the whole game. Dutch w/ dia, gems, the hole and a couple other rares.

french v. bantu on hole- gg, goes to info. He's bantu & doesn't ancient raid this game in favor of focusing on water. We fight over water through IV where he pretty decisively wins it. I find the water not as necessary after III-IV for wealth (once you have 4 large cities, taxation, and 4 caravans running). If I'd been bantu I think I'd have rushed. Probably woulda been smarter to build colossus instead of pyramids this game too....


10-04-2005 04:47:57



10-04-2005 12:51:29

When you get the water, build a wonder. Pwnz. D


10-04-2005 13:06:21

I never had the water tho oops


11-04-2005 02:49:18

well kao is very good on water, he own frogman too ^^


11-04-2005 11:44:49

He's good on water mostly cause he sacrifices his land troops for it (that & his micro is good of course). In both games I army raided very effectively. In the 2nd I sacked his cap & razed a bunch of stuff which allowed me to boom freely from there forward. When I was Maya I think 1/2 of my wealth income pre-III was killing his caravans D.