Stupid Persian Strats



20-01-2005 01:41:34

TL wanted me to post some games of how to play Persia well, but I haven't collected enough good games since my hard drive crashed of me playing them. However, here are two fine examples from me and frog how NOT to play persia...both games are shorter than six minutes.

game 1 - I am trying for a fast 3 city with a delayed ancient raid. My research order is 0/1/0/1->2nd city->1/1/0/1->barracks->1/2/0/1. I find out this is a really bad idea against a Bantu ancient raid. It works okay vs non-ancient raiding civs, though, perhaps...

game 2 - Frog finds out that Dutch are really op on rainforest, and Persian HI are really slow at crossing rivers.


20-01-2005 08:43:39

Really stupid strats, there's a thought, I must have loads of them P

Wagon rush!


23-01-2005 02:49:47

Couldn't recommend either of these games for watching.. P

guess the persians too bad to make for an interesting game between equally skilled players.


23-01-2005 09:21:36

Persians are kickass played right but imo better in teams where their advancement can be sheltered a little via the numbers.

Nide's ancient raiding strat works real good still and have had several very early resignations because of it.


23-01-2005 11:30:34

I think the persians are a better classical raiding nation than ancient raiders. The free food and free caravan (mostly free food) give you a faster classical time. You also have wealth as a result of free taxation for cav. It's pretty easy to go classical previous to your opponent and get raiding initiative. You can then attack in classical very effectively w/ HI+FA+LC b/c your HI pawn enemy cav w/ their ranged attack. I have a rec somwhere around of me getting pwned as brit v. persians in classical, I'll try looking it up oops . If it goes to IV/V 6-7 eles seem like they pretty much roll through anything w/ a tactics upgrade. Still waiting on sims to give a good rec of that ;).


24-01-2005 08:24:11

I usually like ancent raid with persians b/c thier Unique HI are pretty good hurting/killing villies and a good early II or III attack. Could elephant raid too. Haven't done that for ages, ele raids. /


24-01-2005 09:21:14

Thats cause they are way to expensive and they get pwnd bad by a ha/fa


24-01-2005 09:52:47

Nah they reduced the cost for the patch


24-01-2005 13:51:50

but they are still so weak tho


25-01-2005 10:01:40

I was talking about the ellies P