Great team games



26-03-2005 15:05:00

First one 3v3 TWC v. AU. Doggy, Jups, Nuuk v. Bird, Wolf, tl.
Second one 2v2. Bird/Doggy v. Nuuk/Jups.

Both some of the better games I've seen.


26-03-2005 15:12:26

GG's #_#
damn your Nation matchup hAx p


26-03-2005 16:23:41

and contrary to what the kids watching at home may think, it wasnt me that named the cities P


26-03-2005 18:57:56

I can't get the 3v3 to work /

The 2v2 was a very gg tho. That persian ancient raid was nasty but the way the cities were laid out made it very hard to defend for nuuk. Doggy's cross-raid on nuuk seemed to slow down nuuk a bit so that bird can catch up. Go elephants when ur Persian ^^


26-03-2005 21:13:23

Does someone else have the 3v3 rec? Maybe it'll work if bird or wolf upload it. Pretty damn sweet game....

Not Important!

27-03-2005 14:15:31

3v3 rename, delete last two names and RoN will play it gg

funny that sims cant get it to play, hes the one who showed hot to fix that problem... p