26-03-2005 11:22:23

With six people watching me, I very nearly get my arse whupped by Sicilian. (They were having fun changing city names.) And in fact I definitely should have since I messed up from almost the beginning of the game. But I come back...and come back...and come back. Very lucky win by me and kinda funny to watch.

The game against Jups is a much better illustration of the strat, mainly cuz I don't get ancient raided. Turks don't like getting ancient raided. Especially when they go sci-com first (as I did in both of these games).

Maybe the most interesting one of them all is the last one. Sorry rooty I gotta post it cuz it's too funny dance


26-03-2005 12:26:07

I swear I will never forget attrition research again!


26-03-2005 12:31:57

See, you learn something from every game )

And you're not the only one to fall victim to it.


26-03-2005 15:12:47

ROFL The sicilian game owned


26-03-2005 15:55:35

Lol I wish I had noticed the city names P.


26-03-2005 16:21:45

damn u sims!, lol that was by far my worst game ever ;(...but it was hilarius tho D