Dutch sci1-sci2


08-03-2005 09:45:15

Because Dutch has many units for scouting, going sci1-sci2 is worth of trying. In this start, research sci1, build villagers to fill woodcamp and build a merchant. Look for 2 wealth ruins to get resources for sci2. In the time being, build more villagers and a caravan to scout. After getting sci2, do the usual build-up, farms, civ1, 2nd city, mil1, class with 100/100 econ, etc.

This works best on maps sahara and amazon because one can find both ruins and rares with merchants in the corners. Also can work well in other land maps like old world. I tried this once on old world vs Frog's British. We get about the same amount of ruins with Frog ancient barracks scouting.

I posted records in the Recorded Games section. I think Humble is still sandboxing this start.

Edit recorded game link http//www.anarchyunleashed.com/viewtopic.php?t=86&highlight=


08-03-2005 11:00:18

Yep but it needs no real tweaking.

It was Bird who figured buying one merchant would leave you with 20 gold. Plus 2 gold ruins = 120 gold for sci 2. This led to the meanest original start I've seen in a while.

With this start and using good scouting you can also go 1/2/1/2 or 1/1/2/2 and hit Classical before 4 minutes.

With enough ruins a fast 1/1/2/2 is a perfect set up for a 12 minute gunpowder...

The way Bird does it is just as viable and leaves you more options and res once you hit Classical.

Awesome strat Bird, thanks!


08-03-2005 12:05:19

I just did it without the extra merc and it still pwnd bad, one little difference was that i had diamonds at my cap =P


09-03-2005 07:00:31

hm what is so special of sc2? why not civ2 or something..?


09-03-2005 08:59:34

Sci research gives a greater ruin bonus. Huge in the early game.


09-03-2005 09:30:17

+ the scout los is larger ^^


09-03-2005 10:07:52

damn, how do you know all this things? D


09-03-2005 10:56:27

b/c we play too damn much D... and we're still noobs!