AU Strategy....


27-03-2009 02:10:44

is there any strategy that idk? or others dont know??? or just tell me some good tactics and strategy and tips?

and also any AU still play here??? except for AU_Sims


11-04-2009 16:42:38

Two Things
1. Ask me for whatever strategy, visit [AK] site and in tha forums i have a lot of strats (btw im in AK idk why this shit still messing with 7GK)

2. That AU_sims in the RON lobby is a fake.. the real AU_Sims have like 1000+ games played and i think he loggs with "orange" or "_plainspower"


11-04-2009 16:44:58

aaa, yeah some fast strats cud be
-civ2 russians
-sci2 chinese
-mongols sci1>mil1>classical>mil2 , early raids, MUST HAVE A GOOD RUIN MANIPULATION.
-indians or persians ele raid, sims loves it