chinese ruins


05-03-2009 11:00:09

i dont know if somebody still visits this page, but i will post it anyway. HOW CAN I MANIPULATE RUINS WITH CHINESE? did u never think about that ? oops


08-03-2009 15:03:44

That is a good question and I wondered how to do this myself... For timber it's easy, but for food all you could do is to start a research for a food-only technology like Military, but of course this doesn't work very well since you must have 108 of food ready... So I'd like to find this out ;)


08-03-2009 19:19:04

but u should have 108 military, and if u have 1/1/1/1 how do u manipulate? SIMS,BIRD someone answer (


09-03-2009 10:39:21

There's CIV2 which takes 160 food... yeah it's not practical and almost impossible to achieve, but I don't think there are other ways...


15-03-2009 00:38:15

Build a woodcamp in the middle of nowhere, get the ruin, delete the unbuilt woodcamp.


15-03-2009 05:22:12

Makes sense... ;)
Still harder than making villies with other nations, but surely more practical than MIL1 and CIV2 O


15-03-2009 07:48:22

sims, u the best ( i hadnt tought of it P


15-03-2009 14:19:37

That's because you always play on Great Sahara and never have the timber spot to build the woodcutter's camp ;)


15-03-2009 15:46:08

nope, i dont play always on sahara. just didnt think of that P


11-04-2009 16:40:16

well i thought u know it.. if u want a food ruin start quequing a lot of citizens, take tha ruin and then quit the queque..


11-04-2009 21:12:14

but im talking about CHINESE !!

FUN Galahad

06-09-2009 11:15:42

Well, Tactic, just queue a lot of citizens..;)


06-09-2009 13:01:24

Galahad, chinese citizens are built inmediatly. that is my point S