Post Your Strategies With Whatever Nation Yoou Want :D


19-12-2008 16:59:22

It's weird to see me asking for help... but i've been like 4 months without play and i sux now, so u will say 7GK noobish peps clan... and YES but i wasnt noob lol... so if u could give me some stratregies i'd be very happy ) Thx if u give me some strategies.. [/colorf7f0e77a6c]


02-01-2009 03:33:28

japs+pyramids= pwning nation
nubians+porcelain tower= gg
taj+tikal= ouch!


02-03-2009 20:17:04

lakota +pyramids
outback +porcelain tower O


02-03-2009 20:17:44

me+any nation = gg lol


11-04-2009 16:47:02

me+any nations = Instantly resign