23-02-2005 00:02:21

Went random today.. drew lakota, and didnt have a clue how to work them. Sims was on my team but he had to fight 2 battles at once, trying to help me defend classic attacks and medieval raids and attacks while killing red. Eventually me and _FSF_ get killed out and sims is left alone and eventually wins the game. Anywho P, is there a particular way to build, like when should i advance to the next age and should i hold off on Civic after Sci1, when should i Rax and build an army?


23-02-2005 03:04:03

Yes, its pretty simple... Go sci --> Comerce While pumping out villagers for your food income... With the comerce you build a market for eventual good food rares. Then scout with all the villagers so you get many ruins, its sometimes smart to sci 2 with the lakota for the ruins.

When you've got a decent food income stop pumping out villagers and research civics, then build a city very near to your oponents borders, the best would be on a place with a good mountain and wood 2 )

Then go millitary --> II
In age 2 you start raiding with them ha's while mixing in some hc and hi 2... With a despot in such a raiding army you should make it to age III safe where you attack )


23-02-2005 03:38:54

Lakota is the easiest civ to play. Their econ is simple just build vills and horses.

Sci->Com. Keep making vills, send them to wood. Send merchants to good rares. When your woodcamp is full, waypoint ur new vills all over the map to find ruins. When you get a few food ruins and enough vills get civ1 and build your first city by your 2nd wood spot. In your second city build another market and a temple. You should be able to classic at about 400 with a 100/100 econ, perhaps a bit faster/slower depending on rares.

If you see ancient raiders, use your common sense and research mil1 and plop a rax down back at your base. Don't get civ1 until you're reasonably sure you can finish the 2nd city. An archer is usually good enough cover until your 2nd city can be built if you micro.

In your game, I saw a lot of fundamental flaws unrelated to getting Lakota. For example, you take way, way too long to get com2. At the 800 mark, you are still sitting a 2/2/1/1, which is unacceptable with Lakota. And your metal income of +50 is way too low. Lakota can cap 150 faster than almost any civ in the game, because you have excess civilians in ancient doing nothing (if you compute it out, with no food rares and 2 cities you need 20 civilians to cap food, but you only need 8 civilians to get +100 wood--so you have 12 extra civilians that should be able to get you +100 metal _immediately_). With the fast 150 you can launch a pretty devastating despot rush with heavy infantry, cavalry, and catapults.


23-02-2005 05:08:49

We basicly said the same ^^ Yes, lakota are easily playable... Also an often used trick Build a rax and a stable behind the enemy's country with a villie scouting a corner for ruins... Then in II get a despot asap and attack his cap, even if he changed his cap to his frong city you'll kill his economy cause he'll instantly have 5 farms less! After that you raid a bit with some hc and ha and the left over hi and you probably have yourself the game )

Oh yeah Never forget to ALWAYS!!! tower your city's with lakota... A lot of people like to despot rush your front city with hi only and maybe 1 lh, a tower screw that up for him specially when you get militia, 30 mad villies walking at him is pwnage specially in age II


23-02-2005 13:54:37

Nice! gotta try this! thanks


09-04-2005 13:02:55

Lakota have a nice sci 2 start. Get 1 ruin of gold, make market, get sc1 2 and spam villies to scout everywhere.

Seen it used very effectively a few times.


09-04-2005 15:27:29


I haven't played for a few weeks but I have always gone either 0/1/1/1 or 1/1/1/1 with Lakota.

I like faster classic with Lakota cuz you have excess villies in ancient. The faster you get those villagers working, the better the payoff. Also gold is hard to come by for Lakota even with 2 markets and temple and taxation.


09-04-2005 19:39:52

sims, come back and play. school is overrated /.


12-04-2005 07:01:04

I always tend to go 1111 with Lakota, but don't listen to me cuz im a noob )