Light Cavalry


22-02-2005 12:00:57

These things rock. Fast in battle, scout, seige and archer killing, they rock I say!

I mass them when playing japanese quite often (6-8) and then proceed to claim ownage in medieval crossbow hi hc army battles. Just micro half to back and have some on sides to keep their hc busy. Hit their crossbows with light cav then bring your crossbows in to hit their hi while their hc have to deal with light horse, heavy horse, and heavy inf. (ouch). Thse battles generally can decide a game. I lose a few light horse but win the battle. In gunpowder they get a bit lamer but if you have british, korean or nubian opponents keep them handy. Otherwise they are great for keeping an eye on things at home and preventing the devastation a good gunpowder ha raid can do.

Who else uses them. how, and why? Love these units want to learn to fully utilise them.


23-02-2005 03:05:56

I use them at times, they rock full stop with lakota cause you get lotsa food income for them 2 ) With a bit of micro they can be quite handy... but the same goes for HC and they can take a lot more hits... Generally just mix in a few with your normal army )


23-02-2005 03:53:15

Yeah but cos I didnt use em for a while i forget they there and how useful and fast they and if they just part of te army I don't utilise their archer fucking too fast for heavy cav pawnage. Still, they kill fuck all after med, but before then, i say the boys are unsung heroes.

Tell me more, who else likes em....


23-02-2005 05:04:36

Well don't overestimate them though, one hc can kill an army of +- 4 bowmen... A lc won't be able to do that cause of its low armor and hp It will probably be killed after he killed one archer...


23-02-2005 11:06:38

I've never seen a hc take 4 archers. And 4 unsupported archers, that's plain noob.

Light cav outrun heavy cav easy if u can micro well enough they fuck the heavy cav up quite easy running round them while ranged units take shots. In battles they slip through troops and hit archers at rear but try that with heavy cav they rarely make it. I know hc are better, but they aint that good in comparison, especially in the first three ages.


23-02-2005 13:09:28

cool stories n stuff, but to be honest i've never seen any of the experts (nuuk/shad/gigi/frogman/sims etc) ever use any LC as serious support in an army... (
is that a missed oppurtunity?


23-02-2005 17:42:13

Well LCs are pretty good early on, but I usually don't build more than a couple cuz I want food to build HIs and villies. I know some guys (like 4Stars) like to build 4 of them or so for their medieval age army, which isn't a bad idea, but I find that I'd usually rather have HC/HA if at all possible, just cuz those units are more durable. Another problem with LCs is they die to town and tower fire pretty quickly as well and are useless for raiding villies or merchants.

With Japanese, I usually build 2 raxes in medieval and keep making HIs or crossbows from each while keeping my stable busy making HCs. dance I usually prefer an additional HI to an additional LC.

That said, if you notice your opponent has a few LC tho you'd better keep a few HIs back or ur archers will get pwned.

Not Important!

23-02-2005 17:47:56

i just use them to defend weak HA raids....


23-02-2005 22:43:17

With japanese if I'm mounting an early cap sack light horse are perfect as mil 2 and waiting for heavy cav to catch up to army is too slow. In that case scenario they are there as archer killers pure and simple.

Not utilising light cav by experts is a personal choice. Sims uses the food/wood for booming whereas in another strategic direction the hc gold might be better spent on scholars. Scout and assess sometimes light cav are a better choice.

All because experts aren't utilising light cav doesn't mean they aren't a valid unit. Experts don't know the new tricks cos they aint invented yet P Light Cav will outdo heavy cav micro wise and so in medieval battles should not be taken lightly. And you will see frog using them....

90 percent of inters are just average players who copy the experts. Real experts innovate.

This is where we discuss and develop possible strat etc not fawn in obeisance and wait to be led by what others do. shock

We're AU baby, we lead!


23-02-2005 22:59:18



24-02-2005 00:59:34

Russian LC pwn @_@


24-02-2005 01:48:12

1 But wait a second... Rambozo is teh expert =/ And 4stars 2...

Anyways rambozo your taking this to far, the lc can be okay but your now saying that its better to build 7 lc than 5 hc or something...


24-02-2005 04:16:03

No I'm not saying they're better?? I'm discussing the merits of light cav whether alone or mixed we don't see them much i wanna learn more.

Read what you want you got nothing to contribute but sarcasm then fuck you.

Last time I gave you strategic advise you pulled off a win vs gigi but no i know nothing P


24-02-2005 04:25:05

Hehe thats not what i said, i just don't agree on the point that real experts inovate... It wasn't a personal attack on you...



24-02-2005 10:42:20


But war for 15 minutes first?

I get sick of wankers pulling out the Humbles not an expert so can't know what he's saying shit.

CK must've had similar as he got a good strategic head too.



24-02-2005 17:22:48

unless i missed something, i didn't see anybody saying humble's not an expert or that what you said is shit.

it's cool that you are throwing out ideas and soliciting input, but you gotta be open to constructive criticism. if you wanna get a good discussion going you need to allow others to have a different opinion.

i like seeing all the different ideas.


25-02-2005 00:08:02

Lol mold i said something sarcastic, at the elite site i would have gotten away with it with a big smilie face but these guys are a bit to smart P

Anyhow i tried the lc yesterday a bit in some games and i've noticed they are total crap when you go agresive, they just have to walk towards a bit of tc fire and your dead meat... +- 4 shots and they are dead...

On the defensive on the other hand they are quite usefull, when the other person runs in to get your city you have 2 at both sides of the city and you flank his archers and siege... Works damn well )


25-02-2005 01:53:35

Yeah they are shit vs towers etc.

I think their best merit is speed.

Times I'll make em...

vs French to counter a HC crossbow assault (again defensive) by using a mixed force (fa, hi, lc, hc) and microing lc to take the crossbows so their hc have to leave or be infantry meat. Success moderate depending on micro skills of opponent...

vs Mongols everytime I make a couple at least

if I'm Russian

If I am in early ages, have surplus food and wood and am going to attack soon (more the merrier?)

When attacking early vs Brits, Nubians, Koreans.

Late med vs americans in the city they have TCA P

Very nice to have mixed in with cav flanking force but alas they die so damn easy. Still, if they do their job (kill archers), a fews pretty cheap.


25-02-2005 02:22:36

Shad uses them to get the initiative in raiding ^^