Which wonders do you build and are good?


26-09-2006 00:47:29

It seems in every game I play (mostly 3v3 or 2v2) there are often at least 2-3 wonders built during the game. So which wonder do you build? Which wonders are good comparatively?

I know Colossus is like what everyone builds and Hanging Gardens is pretty good as well.



26-09-2006 17:01:49

all the classical ones are very good and offer a very fast ROI. colossus is best if the game goes long, hanging gardens is the best short term boost, pyramids can be very good on water maps (can get 7 more scholars in the extra city)

in V versailles is very good

in VI taj mahal is overpowered

of course if you get supercollider or space program and you have a reasonable amount of resources and troops you will win if you know what you're doing


30-09-2006 19:14:02

what about angkor what? It reduces your troop building costs greatly thus enabling you to save on resource collecting.


30-09-2006 21:57:00

Angkor wat is good on naval maps...25% ground troops is nice but not really as good as the Versailles healing and 1/2 off lib techs bonus.

Also it's harder to come up with 500 timber and wealth for Angkor Wat vs. 500 food and metal for Versailles.


01-10-2006 00:48:01

25% off troops is massive, when a rare resource like salt is hotly contested by players. Also I find wealth is quite easy to accumulate late game as you have trade routes etc. and selling off your excess resouces to earn wealth.


01-10-2006 12:45:22

play more compeitive people P


03-10-2006 17:52:53

are you saying in competitive games ppl always build versailles and taj mahal and colossus? lol


03-10-2006 23:55:05



11-10-2006 00:34:47

then what ur point


11-10-2006 10:33:03

People build wonders when they can and if the situation warrants it.

I would build colossus on a less aggressive map if I'd rebuffed an early attack & if I wasn't setup for a good counter attack that would kill an opponent. Old world as pocket comes to mind. I used to build colossus a lot as it often resulted in me winning if we went to IV or beyond.

I don't usually build versailles but probably would if I felt like I had an edge in V but didn't feel like I'd be able to put the game away by the end of VI.

I'd build Taj in VI if there was any way I could (and if I didn't have th game won already)... It's a game winner b/c of the massive wealth. I used to love getting Taj in V as Eggy... tha's uber.


20-12-2008 13:52:18

i usually run out with hanging gardens and colosus, but if i cant i go straight to tca... abd attack quickly! D and GG