Missle Silos


12-05-2006 10:43:44

I haven't seen any discussion on missles, but I think they are an important part of the game to learn some strategy on. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on missle strategy such as the best targets to hit first, or how they are most used effectively.


12-05-2006 12:06:10

Make a few silos, use shift x to select them all and make cruise in each one. Hit whatever is useful. Wonders (only takes 3-5 to take out an early age wonder), cities, etc. Usually I use them in conjunction with commandos to reduce cities to get a WG victory. I don't usually bother getting nukes because they take too long to research.


12-05-2006 13:36:15

how about selecting all the siege to target at once. same thing, shift + something else?


12-05-2006 14:03:37

1 cruise to kill the uni, 1 straight after kills all scholars. 10 cruise = no knowledge income.


12-05-2006 14:09:55

thats a good idea, then they can't lauch any nukes back cause they have no knowledge. good call. thanx


13-05-2006 04:45:16

That was always my plan. Hit the Hanging Gardens, universities, oil, oil refineries and they're gonna struggle!


14-05-2006 04:11:22

HG is not so important in late age games

Not Important

14-05-2006 04:30:33

+50 knowledge income p


14-05-2006 12:08:46

HG aint that great anytime P


11-08-2007 18:59:07

[quote8463195c39="TWC_Jups"]1 cruise to kill the uni, 1 straight after kills all scholars. 10 cruise = no knowledge income.[/quote8463195c39]

I get how 1 cruise will kill the university and then another one after will wipe out the scholars, but I don't see how this 10 cruise killing all of the income works out. At first I figured that it would be 2 cruises per city, 1 for the university in that city and the rest for that city's scholars making the cruises go after five cities, but can't more than 5 cities be built?

FUN Galahad

14-08-2007 13:07:01

Yes, you can rebuild unis or you can have more than 5 unis anyway. But usually 35 scholars are enough to maximise th eknowledge income. That means 5 unis with 7 scholars.

That is why 10 missiles should kill all scholars.


14-08-2007 18:25:12

Holy crap, this forum has been dead for almost a year now, and I didn't realize that until after I made my post. Wow, didn't think someone was actually going to respond to me.


17-08-2007 09:10:40

@_@ I actually closed new registrations due to the farking spammers.


19-12-2008 17:06:15

I usually make silos and destroy eco buildings like woodcoters camps, farms, graneries, universities, etc