Tips on scouting


05-03-2006 10:15:55

Obviously you need to scout the enemy well before you attempt raiding/attacking, incase you run into a tower, etc.

I have a few problems though
- My scout always ends up getting killed when scouting the enemy rigorously.
- When the scout is exploring the enemy, it fails to get ruins from all over the map because of that.

Obviously it's a good idea to send villies to the corners, but is it also a good idea to get another scout up and running?

Any advice, anyone? 8)



05-03-2006 12:09:48



06-03-2006 03:15:58

Thanks devilz.


21-09-2006 02:16:33

how many villagers do you create to scout? Do you just send them to each corner?


23-09-2006 00:01:05

usually send 1 or 2 to scout. 2 if you're on a ruin-rich map like sahara or amazon. eventually my vill ends up in the corner and kicks a corner rare