How to micro raids effectively


25-02-2006 22:19:28

Any tips?


01-03-2006 08:59:57

send 1 ha when you main force is attacking, if ur lucky he wont even see it...

eehm be fast? and eeh use a mixed army for an army raid


01-03-2006 16:47:49

Sending an hc while any main attack is happening can work well also. Really sending any unit (ha, hc, hi) to both of his main econ cities while a main attack is happening can be a killer as it either completely stops his production (he garrisons) or you kill a bunch of econ units... likely gg. Other tips

- raid >1 spot @ once. setup your raid, don't send 1 unit in after 1 unit, get 2-3 units in their prep spots, then send them in @ the same time. micro them individually out immediately if they encounter resistance (you picked the wrong spot)
- focus on wealth if you get a fast classic. Killing a caravan on a land map in early classic is huge (50 wealth to you, he has to setup the route again).
- don't lose your raid units. retreat them @ any sign of a fight.
- greek hc are great raiders in early classic. On sea maps you can 1 city start w/ greek & hurt him badly w/ a couple hc and an ha early. maybe smarter to 2nd city b/c of 2nd early uni.
- don't lose your army when army raiding.
- sometimes army raiding & not doing much damage is worthwhile as you make him garrison for a time stopping production + you keep him from your territory letting you boom.

I'd suggest watching wolf and shad's recs. They're the best raiding players I've seen.

Also, just a note to the dickheads spamming the forums... I'm out of patience w/ you. Further spam will result in you being banned- no more warnings ).


02-03-2006 03:55:19

Thanks Beertender & TL.
TL, do you reckon it's useful using control groups to help with the micro?


02-03-2006 06:47:15

depends on personal preferences


02-03-2006 08:50:13

yea, i like to control group my main army + any raiders + any siege in seperate control groups, i just find it easier to control my army and i can easily select raiders, siege etc.. to attack

where as players like nuuk, never use control groups (i maybe wrong but i remember him saying somewhere that he never uses them wink )


02-03-2006 10:20:26

I hotkey my regular army but do not hotkey my raiders. I tried this for a bit awhile back and didn't find it very effective.


02-03-2006 14:39:43

i used to use them but then i went on a couple breaks and have been too lazy ever since

i do use hotkeys to keep track of scouting vills tho


02-03-2006 17:30:33



03-03-2006 01:57:49

i use 1 for my scout, thats all )


03-03-2006 03:22:33

u can just use the apostrophe to get ur scout


03-03-2006 12:15:11

Thanks ppl.


05-03-2006 08:07:16

Thanks for the link Jupsy, was very helpful.


06-03-2006 04:39:04

thank nuuk for writing all that shit P


06-03-2006 04:47:09

Ty Nuuk! P