22-02-2006 10:06:35


What are you think about Iroquois in a multiplayer game??? Which are the pros and cons of this nation??? Do you have any strategy to make easy the game with them?



22-02-2006 16:02:37

I typically play them in league games multiplayer. They're good for slowing all 3 opponents if you're pocket (send an hi to each to force a rax). After that I usually build a medium sized army and support the wings, then boom to V and start killing capitals with the early snipers. Iro are arguably the best 1v1 nation & are certainly good in 3v3s. They don't shine as much on water maps but still can be very competitive if played well.


23-02-2006 07:47:56

And which government do you recommend? I think that Despotism is the better choice, because of the food bonus when gathering timber.

Using this strategy, i think that early attacks become a little more easy...



23-02-2006 10:56:18

Iroq is overpowered on land maps (they got toned down in the patch but are still very hard to beat). Watch some of wolf's recs from the last 1v1 tourney.


23-02-2006 16:31:59

Can someone post records of wolf of smurf and rev tournament?


24-02-2006 12:22:17

Despotism is your best bet w/ iro... keeps you aggressive w/ the cheaper infantry. I don't think government affects the food/woodcutter bonus.


21-09-2006 18:19:12

I'd rather have an extra unit of infantry rather than a Akweri scout for the building of barracks. It seems nations like Aztecs are more aggressive to raid etc,


25-09-2006 16:42:05

imo scout w/ first rax is better b/c you get it so early. The ruin advantage is uber on ruin heavy maps.

What am I saying... I haven't played this game in like six months D.


19-12-2008 17:02:52

i used them to make acient raids and then go to classical and attack the faster i get...