Troops and Cav Line of Sight


27-11-2005 07:14:20

For example if u are fighting a guy with Smelter (Cavalry) Granary (Troops) los upgrades vs no upgrades does this affect the battle. I normally dont get these upgades unless i have a load of resources to hand.


27-11-2005 13:33:56

No, but you should get them anyway (unless you're playing aggressive). Big mistake if you don't get medicine especially, even with two raxes you sometimes can't build army fast enough. Research both lines and you can prepare a lot better for attacks.


27-11-2005 19:06:35

I don't usually bother w/ the smelter upgrade until the late game as my limit w/ cav is typically resources (not training time). I often get the medicine line in GP if I'm skirmishing, I've retreated & I want my troops to heal faster.


27-11-2005 19:08:24

I usually research the medicine techs sometime in the game because they help you heal (the first one gives you 2x healing over the base rate I think).


27-11-2005 19:24:41

Construction line can be important too if you're booming with a small army.


27-11-2005 20:55:37

I get forage late med or early gp to increase despot/monarch radius and craft; also 5-10% more hp.


28-11-2005 17:55:48

Can't wait for Humble to show up and fight with Div, GG.


28-11-2005 19:00:42

What have I started? shock

Humble isn't stupid, I'm sure he would see that medicine is better than three raxes. ;)


05-12-2005 18:23:03

Anything that improves ur armies and gives u a small edge is worth it if not too expensive - certainly Herbal Lore (los(think ranged units)+creation speed+garrison healing) and forage(anti-attrit+radius for supply wagons and, more importantly Despots/Monarchs) are worth it when uve got some spare coin.