great list of hotkeys you didn't know


02-10-2005 01:01:26

Here's an old topic from RONH. I actually commented in it way back then--it's more than a year old. Anyway, the link is here , or the quote follows below.

[quoted23a7c7813="Nut"]RoN has quite a goodly number of seemingly obscure keyboard hotkeys and mouse commands. Since I notice these are asked about frequently, I figured I would put as many as I could think of into this list.

When clicking and holding the right mouse button in order to move a selection of units in formation, left-click with the RMB still depressed. This will quickly cycle forwards through the available formations.

Again, with the RMB held in order to move troops in formation with a specific facing, scroll your mouse wheel. This will adjust the length and depth of any formation.

Holding CTRL while moving troops is a quick way to perform an "attack move", similar to hitting the attack button and then clicking on the ground. I personally have CTRL held down more often than not when moving units.

Holding ALT while dragging a selection box will only select the "non-support" units inside of the selection. This excludes things like siege, supply wagons, generals, spies and scouts. This is an efficient way to redirect your army in a firefight without disturbing your placement of these units. Alternately, holding CTRL + ALT together while dragging a selection box will select ONLY the siege inside the selection.

When you have a mixed group of troops and siege, holding ALT while rightclicking an enemy structure will put your army into automated "siege mode", essentially putting your army into Refuse formation and having your army focus entirely on guarding the siege while it attacks normally. This is not perfect; soldiers can tend to be a bit too dedicated towards defending the siege instead of their own hides. Also, when you have a significantly large army, the formation they choose will be very spread out.

If your army is marching through town, and you want to select citizens nearby, holding CTRL + Shift will only target the citizens.

The F1 through F8 keys may be used just like the number row for assigning and selecting control groups. They can be a good place to assign rarely activated selections without fear of overwriting them later.

The big one, of course, is TAB. If you haven't discovered this one yet, it's huge - it cycles through all available research items. What's more, it has an order to the buildings selected that you will pick up eventually. It always starts with the library and temple, then the production buildings, with military structures last.

This lets you see, with just a few hits of the tab key, what is available to research, what is already researched and which buildings you may have forgotten.[/quoted23a7c7813]

I like the formations one the most. That's one feature of RON that is pretty much completely unused. Gotta experiment with it sometime when I have the time.


02-10-2005 05:56:55

D I actually didnt know the thing with the mouse buttons, I bet its really handy if u master it


02-10-2005 08:29:08

Even I know about Tab...roll


02-10-2005 08:47:49

What ever happened to Nut?


02-10-2005 13:12:16

lol stumpy, even the noobs know about tab...

I tryed the mouse click thingy today in a couple of matches...I didnt really c a big difference except that
its faster and a bit easier to use the strategic advanteges in ron as an example that u take more damage from the side etc...


02-06-2006 15:46:15

How do you auto cue your buildings for infinite soldiers or whatever?


02-06-2006 21:58:39

for example

shift-k all rax
g queue up 1 light infantry in each rax
q make that light infantry in each rax forever


20-12-2008 13:42:22

i usually use the library, university, city, and eco buildings hotkeys...