Stop infinite queue


13-08-2005 03:53:03

This question could result in a potential tip.

Are there some hot keys you can press to stop all infinite queues, given that you have forgoten which building you set the queues on?


13-08-2005 04:09:28

I dunno, but if you know the kind of building you wanna stop, then it's easy. For example, to turn off infinite queue at all barracks hit shift-k, then q once or twice (stop when you hear the "infinite queue cancelled" sound).


30-08-2005 13:24:17

I hardly ever use IQ (lol) anymore seems I never got the res to build and upgrade after having an inf q on. After a cap sack - initial hi buildup yes, some unis....

sims is correct I think it's easiest way. You forget stuff fast too huh P What I hate most is I get an attack plan some f***wit flares to show me my own cap rare I look at said rare I've already seen for 5 minutes and forget wtf I was doing...

Expert opinion on flaring - I'se interested...?


30-08-2005 13:29:55

I like 'da flares. Especially in the early game. Sometime I ignore them if I've got too much going and I even ask for them again.

I also use IQ tons. Scholars & mil units mostly.


30-08-2005 14:31:10

my IQ pwns all.
GG no re


30-08-2005 18:07:24

I have an extra mouse button. It's assigned to flaring. This way I can annoy tl when I do something funny. In fact I usually use flares just to show teammates something funny, not to show anything useful, but hey, GG


30-08-2005 21:43:12

The "\" key which removes the last unit of a quene will break an infi quene if it is on (without removing any units from the quene). So pressing Shift-K > "\" will break all infi quenes for raxes. The only drawback is that if a rax doesn't have an infi quene but has regular quened units, it will remove the last unit. Still, the things you can do with the "\" key are definently things you want to become comfortable with for enhancing your speed.


31-08-2005 12:28:38

nice, knew the cancel key but not apply it with shift.


08-09-2005 05:15:05

Developerz, you had the answer there!

Based on what you said, I start thinking, what about I shift K and then control shift S, control F3 so that i set all Military buildings to group 13. Then I just need to press F3 and "\" to cancel the infinite queue anywhere on the map!

Further on that, what will happen if I press F3 then "F", that should give me a 1 (2nd unit of the unit panel) from each military build from every military building given I have enough resources.

"G" would give me 3rd, and "A" would give me 1st.

I can not test them atm , because my girl friend has my CD, but it sounds practical to me.



08-09-2005 16:26:49

The only reasons I can think that u'd want to control group your barracks is if you were sending troops to two different fronts or if you wanted to dedicate them to making different kinds of units. e.g. One rax (#1) send troops one way, the other rax (#2) sends troops a different way.

If you are just looking to issue mass orders to all your raxs, just press Shift+B (or even B then Home) and u'll have them all selected then you can issue orders like you would to any single rax (e.g. for me... b-home-mouse extra 1-right click the rally location-q-w-e-i and voila, all my raxs(b-home) are pumping a LI(q), then a HI(w) then a FA(e) on infiniteque(i) to a specific map location(mouse extra 1-right click). To shut it all down, b-home-i, and the infinitie ques are all turned off.
[b8a2ba2956b]I think this is what everyone has been telling you in this thread.[/b8a2ba2956b]

The "\" that Div suggests is just another way you can clear out orders to a building (e.g. if a rax is on infinite que making hi, \ toggles the infinite que off then another \ will clear out any partially created HI).

So like e.g. B-home-\ will shut off ALL infinite ques that are on (if not on it will cancel a create. thats why i have a hotkey (i) for infinte ques on buildings casue i dont want to lose the resources for cancelling a partially created unit).

And tell that d$#b b$%^%h to give u back ur CD or u'll "\" her booty-calls. dance


08-09-2005 17:09:19

You lose resources for creating a partially created unit? shock Really? I must be getting old.... shock