1 granary in the radius of 2 cities


20-06-2005 17:12:53

i got a few questions

first if i build a granary in the radius of 2 cities does it give

benefits to both or just the closest

second if im in a 3v3 and there are 2 of the same rare resource

does it double its benefits

third u guys need to put more recorded game up



20-06-2005 17:28:41

1. Granary will only benefit 1 cities farms. With fishermen it doesn't matter where you have a granary, just have one in city with most farms, the granary will benefit all fishermens food income. To tell which city a granary is actually being built in, look for the red circles round the city economic radius when you go to place the granary, the darkest circle is the city the granary will be in.

2. Two of the same rares will give you the income of two rares but the bonuses don't stack. ie 2 x Papyrus will only give you the 25% Science discount, it won't rise to a 50% discount. You will collect as a base rate 2 x 10 knowledge and 2 x 10 wood for the 2 x Papyrus rares.

3. Yes, they should.


21-06-2005 09:33:18

Not there special benefiths though e.g. when you have two times sugar it won't give you 20% less food costs... Just 10


21-06-2005 10:06:04

ok so the granary gives 20% more food collection to the city its in so does the fishermen receive 20% food and gold or just food?


21-06-2005 12:06:27

Firsty, fyi, just building a granary does not actually make fishermen collect more resource. You only see the bonus to fishermen once you research agriculture (the first food upgrade). Then the food collection from fish goes from +10 to +15.

Secondly, the granary upgrades only affect the food producing side of fishermen (and not the metal or wealth side). The Taxation upgrades at the Temple upgrade the second resource (metal or wealth). So fish (and whales) effectively have two tech lines that need to be researched in order to max out their resource production Granary techs and Taxation @ Temple.


21-06-2005 16:16:20

Fish are considered a rare resource, so if you build Porcelain Tower you can double fish income dance