Nubians Sci 2 Start


09-04-2005 13:01:02

Pick Nubians. Immediately game starts hit N-F L-T, wait T.

You just got sci 2 immediately

N = Market F = Sell Food. Do it immediately you'll get 85 gold. If you wait even a second you get less as it drops fast for a while.

Now, you have sc1 2, the ability to collect 75 resourses per ruin, and pretty much nothing else. How do you scout these ruins?

Get your scout, a villager, and a caravan onto the job ASAP. The caravan can search your perimeter. The scout to the nearest corner then round the edges, the villager searching your home territory.

It's best to have your scout moving straight away and find a ruin but don't take it (don't waypoint scout yet) till sci 2 finishes then q 1 citizen, hit ruin for food, cancel qued villager and then you can get mil 1 or civ 1. I prefer mil 1 to scout lots of ruins, perhaps ancient raid, and boom, but you need to micro a lot for this.

Still, if you choose this avenue, you will need to micro a lot anyway.

Better for maps with lots of ruins obviously, be hopeless for new world and other island start type maps.

This is a calculated risk. do you know ruin patterns well enough to get a couple fast? If so, this is good stuff.