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It happens I typed this article in Word, and is back-upped. D

Tips on using air forces

1. Control.
It is recommended controlling the airports instead of the planes. And only have one type of airplanes in an airport. For nations that have free airplanes, you can choose some planes of the airport and right-click on another airport to relocate the base of the planes (like sorting things). I always hotkey fighter airport as F5, bomber airport F6, and helicopter airport F7. This way I can hit F5 choose my fighter airport and shift-right-click on where I want my fighters to attack.

2. Placement.
Build airport as close to the center as possible (except only use to build helicopters). This way the planes can attack most of the area in the map and have longer duration to fight close to center. But don’t build airports too close to the front, preferably behind city or fort. When airport is being attacked, the planes come out to get the attacker and will be knocked down without your notice.
If you build airports to the back as you get pushed but you now push back, you can build a new airport toward the center and use the ‘sorting’ above to relocate the base of your planes.

3. Time to build.
a) Biplanes/fighters. Biplanes are only useful on sieges, which makes them rather useless in Industrial. Only build them when you are ready to go to Modern. I usually start to build them with 1 airport on infinite queue after I get Sic6. I have a second airport to build fighters only after Information.
b) Helicopter. Helicopters are powerful against tanks that are the main force in Industrial. So helicopters should be built right after getting to Modern.
c) Bombers. Bombers are less effective than ground sieges. But they are more mobile. So build them if there are targets far away from the front you want to knock down such as Forts, Wonders, and Cities that are off the front.

4. Aerial battle.
a) Always use planes in large packs instead of small pack or even one by one. This way they can share the enemy fire power and have less chance to be killed.
b) Don’t run your planes into anti-air buildings. Use sieges to clean things up before sending air forces in. (When you are attacking a city, the first thing is to siege all anti-air buildings. They are gone in 2 to 3 hits.)
c) If you see your enemy has mobile AA vehicles. Try to use tanks to finish them.
d) Watch helicopters closely. Be sure they are attacking tanks. Try to use shift-clicks to assign multiple targets.
e) Bring a few mobile AA vehicles to the battleground. They have good range and can aid your air forces to control air. Don't build AA buildings to the front; they are just obvious targets to sieges. (AA vehicles have doubled the range to AA buildings.)
- The basic plan is to wipe out all anti-air so you can have air supremacy. You want to do so even you have to sacrifice many of you ground forces.


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Nice article and good advice. You always do so well with planes in later ages Bird...this is a lot of help, thank you.


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recs, recs, recs!!!
we wanna see those planes in action D


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Lol look the Germany vs China rec, he uses them plaines pretty damn well vs rolex... At some moment he has a crapload of anti air guns, they all get pwn P


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[quotef20c1f4d57="TwC_ñuuK"]recs, recs, recs!!!
we wanna see those planes in action D[/quotef20c1f4d57]

Yes! )


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In the game me lakota vs wolf turks I posted (forgot which spring break game), there are some air battles and builds that demonstrate some of my points, even though the battles are not big ones.


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Btw Bird you are good player in Information age. Could you explain a little bit how do you play in Info age what do you attack when using fighters, and you could explain about economy, etc ;)