Can I join?


05-06-2008 12:06:15

I am a serious RoN Thrones and Patriots player, I've been playing since it came out.

List of accomplishments
I beat Bearz twice, I even almost beat PCA_Frogman on Outback with Turks. I saw Valkyrie naked once. I made it to the Final Four in the Smurf Tourney. I ate a whole pizza through my nose. I am going to have sex with Evangeline Lilly eventually. I am the Spam King. I hate emos. I shot the sheriff.

I was going to join the Infidels clan but Ireland>Britland.

Also, I have the fastest time in getting my villies from one edge of the map to the other.

So, with this list of accomplishments, I don't see why I shouldn't be able to join AU, I mean seriously I'm taller than AU_sims and can type faster than AU_niDe.

Plus I have the most posts on the KIWI forum.



05-06-2008 12:07:25

Oh, also I starred in a porno called "The DaVinci Load".


16-06-2008 21:20:09

i saw the davinci load movie.... were you the guy getting nailed by a girl wearing a strap-on??? shock


17-06-2008 14:26:35

Holy shit, I'm famous now!


17-06-2008 14:27:05

You should let me join though, I'll represent AU in all the porn movies, I can get a tattoo over my left asscrack.


22-06-2008 09:08:55