Very interested


07-02-2005 13:40:49

Im Slvrsniper, (you don't know me) but i think nide does, i always bugged him when the first RoN came out and always wanted help from him and would do everything i could to ounce out tips from him. (2 days ago we played Deathmatch O_O) Anyways, i spend most of my time-off studying off your video library and trying to learn from the skills of bird tl sims and the rest of u. (Also learning rambozos abstract gaming with the dutch) I probably cant beat any of you but im sure i can put up a fight. Hopefully you will take this application under consideration


07-02-2005 21:38:37


just play with tl, he makes a good punching bag


07-02-2005 22:53:22

Hey, we played some games today and I gave you a few pointers. We probably won't accept you now but you'll get better with experience. Just remember RON is just a game, have fun...


08-02-2005 00:25:04

"Rambozo's abstract gaming" lol - you aint seen niDe's wagon rush yet, chilling, brr...


08-02-2005 05:36:06

i think i remember u slvrsniper
u were from korea, no?


08-02-2005 09:03:15

or just play w/ nide. He'll be anyone's bitch. 58.


08-02-2005 22:45:18

for the right price tl.

for the right price.


09-02-2005 14:29:24

LOL yea i know u nuuk, and what does nide mean by wagon rush lol


09-02-2005 18:23:18

U convenrted NuuK? -__- ~

AU_NuuK looks better


09-02-2005 20:32:47

U must be noob if you don't know how to wagon rush P


09-02-2005 23:12:22

Well, yea i am a noob, Me, Krushev, and some expert fought AU Bird amd Valk. We lost, us 3. How the hell can u attack with a wagon?
This the supply wagon? wtf O_O


10-02-2005 00:56:19

Well, the thing with supply wagons, they're normally accompanied by ten or more troops.

Now imagine playing niDe and seeing ten or more supply wagons coming into your town. "Oh NO!" you will think. "There must be 100 plus troops with them!"

At this stage you push shift enter and type gg and become yet another victim of AU's brilliantly devised psychological warfare.

French are best at it they get free wagons with seige workshops just make 10 seige workshops and you're ready to roll D


10-02-2005 01:07:11

Dutch are the best at it you noob rasp


10-02-2005 01:09:43

Have they got shooty wagons? rofl - gotta do it!


10-02-2005 18:59:59

actually, i would think wtf is he doin, doesnt he know he needs an army because im totally oblivious to the fact that Ambush cant hide wagons? i dunno, but untill i saw those 100 units, i would just be thinking What the hell?


10-02-2005 23:54:19

lol, we are joking

ok thread closed


10-02-2005 23:55:18

not yet. spam'd