Like to join!


16-07-2005 12:28:19

Hey guys i am Sniper and my real name is goran. As all know i am all the time active, well i try to be. I played ron sense it came out first day and i still play it. I hope that i can join this powerfull clan. I am activ alot latly cus i dotn have that much soccer anymore. So here is it i can play alot. There are alot of thinks i learned in WH, and on one of them is respect. Now i am not that sniper that i used to be , i have changed so if u see me online , try to play with me. thanks D
well thanks alot


16-07-2005 12:50:16

I for one had trouble believing was same guy on yesterday.

Whatever happened it's good.

Sense of humour is fine tho dude, and important in AU, don't let em castrate your twisted side!

GL, I'm the bastard to get through here so nice start.


16-07-2005 13:24:55

ROFL!! oh shit i pissed meself..


16-07-2005 13:29:59

We've let some very bad boys in Stumpy, everyone deserves a chance.

Shoulda been here for the Raven bit, the smack talking teenies today got nothing on what that guy could dish out on a bad day. I left RU cos of him then was instrumental in letting him in here.

There's a lesson to be learned there somewhere huh?


16-07-2005 17:21:51

LOL ur in! And by in I mean good luck.


16-07-2005 18:22:03

lol thanks. i got suprised there for a sec. D


16-07-2005 19:06:06

Hey... just here to drop my little e-plug.

I've known Goran since waaay back when I first started playing RoN online when T&P came out. Although it wasn't always this way since I first met him, Goran's been a great player for his duration in WH. I've always been happy to see him online, 'cuz he's got RoN skills and is fun to play with.

I wish him the best of luck in getting in, and just wanna say that you won't regret taking him.


16-07-2005 23:40:53

gl sniper and i thought ur name was Greda shock


16-07-2005 23:49:23

my last name is greda
first name is goran


17-07-2005 02:21:18


nah gl though, you've changed a lot from ur elite days ;)


17-07-2005 06:54:46

so yea
its k my bro pwns u loooooooool
58 just kidding its k
so yea girls love my pony tail


17-07-2005 07:54:51

llol man


17-07-2005 12:29:35

Sniper - WTF with your connection/comp?


17-07-2005 12:43:22

[quotee76694891b="KIWI_Rootfifth"]so yea
its k my bro pwns u loooooooool
58 just kidding its k
so yea girls love my pony tail[/quotee76694891b]

pony tail or mullet? I love mullets. They make makking fun of people with them sooooo easy. Let me see what else do we call mullets?
Soccer Rocker
Kentucky Fedora
Business in the front, party in the back
Mississippi Mud Flap
what else??? Can anyone help me out here it has been a while since i actually have seen a I a bit rusty.


17-07-2005 14:54:24

i play soccer. yes it is fun. almost got scholarship. when i do i am gone for good. hopefully i go pro some day D
yea and i am working on my pony tail.


17-07-2005 17:15:14



17-07-2005 18:13:55



17-07-2005 20:19:47

oh i have connection problems when i am on this computer. i have two computers because my bro uses one and i do. i usely play on the better one cus he can do graphics on this one that is not good but i let him use the other computer just when he wants to play ron. i thik its fair that way D
well anyways i lagg just sometimes . i will buy more ram for this comp in cuple days or weeks . so it wont lagg anymore . i have cable intnernet so i have no connection porblem its just that this computer is to slow. well anyways needs ram. next time we play i wont lagg D

Not Important!

18-07-2005 21:33:54

UA_spiner llol??


19-07-2005 00:44:15

[quote3ade75f0ef="Not Important!"]UA_spiner llol??[/quote3ade75f0ef] o lol


28-07-2005 17:40:16

is this joining thing still in progras?


28-07-2005 18:02:57

rofl GG


29-07-2005 01:58:56

lol gogo au ignoring Sk!llz


29-07-2005 14:02:58

[quoteb0f6768413="Beertender"]lol gogo au ignoring Sk!llz[/quoteb0f6768413]

Agrees with beer. they pwn at that too o shock


29-07-2005 17:40:49

gogo is my nick name D


30-07-2005 01:27:24

o shock


30-07-2005 13:48:27

I thought your name was Insider..


30-07-2005 14:57:07

now it is...but my nick name in real life is gogo. cus my name is Goran. so gogo.u get it yea.


30-07-2005 15:45:23

the gogo bit is rather ironic

don't you think?


30-07-2005 16:19:22

i dont know people like it here ... so like everyone calls me that now in school.. i was gonna have nick name on gs gogo . but then u guys would be like oh he is coming gigi. lol


30-07-2005 20:07:31

i guess no one likes to have dignity these days


30-07-2005 21:54:03

I thought my remark both dignified and witty sir!

And the predicted trajectory in which it did gogo straight over someone's head amused me even more.

This made me snort milk out my nose.

Which was entirely undignified.


30-07-2005 21:59:52

i like the taste that stays after the milk came out of the nose.
esp. if there was honey in it.


31-07-2005 09:00:53

or coke


31-07-2005 11:10:11

damn u guys are wierd lol....... but can somebody tell me if i need to play games vs. au for tryouts or something to be in or what... i have no answer yet! i dont know what to do.... or i just have to wait!

Not Important

31-07-2005 13:10:45



31-07-2005 16:52:08



31-07-2005 17:15:54

[quoteb103cb339b="KIWI_Rootfifth"]or coke[/quoteb103cb339b]

Yeah nothin like a lil yayo.


31-07-2005 22:29:36

[quote1d155b0d38="AU_BonGs"][quote1d155b0d38="KIWI_Rootfifth"]or coke[/quote1d155b0d38]

Yeah nothin like a lil yayo.[/quote1d155b0d38]



03-08-2005 20:27:52

damn.. i am gonna start playing ron now... like everyday.. i have played like once a day.. but the games are not that good when i play... well anyways hopeffully i will see u guys on...i havent been active that much cus i have soccer tournaments and stuff.. i have another tournametn on 10 to 14 then 20 to 24 D well anyways those days i wont be on ... rest i will D hopefully i see alot of au members on so i can play with them D


03-08-2005 21:44:20

We will give you an answer within the next few days. We need a couple more votes.


03-08-2005 21:58:56

k ... k thanks sims


12-08-2005 21:24:10

did insider get in?


13-08-2005 21:29:53

I'm waiting on the edge of my seat to find the desicion.


14-08-2005 01:44:07

Lawl they are so seriously busy with it!


14-08-2005 15:52:04

lmao it really takes a month to get an answer here...


15-08-2005 00:16:17

Thats good about a clan. Examine their future recruits real good. GG


15-08-2005 03:28:19

Yes yes indeed i saw u understood there point well fuxor =)


15-08-2005 14:10:56



15-08-2005 20:15:09

yea i would like to know cus season 3 is coming soon and i dont relay know what to do.. so i would lke to know .. but no hurrys u can have your time.. thanks


18-08-2005 14:28:21

Who says you would play in MoR if you joined?


19-08-2005 01:03:16

PWND! shock


19-08-2005 01:27:25

Okay guys. Sorry sniper, we can't accept you; not enough of our members voted in your poll (it was about even for the people who did vote, though). We can't really let anyone in who doesn't get a majority vote of active members, so even though you did better than most we can't let you in. Anyway, keep playing and of course you're welcome to play with us in the lobby and such. Thread closed.