I'd Like ta join

Bagdad Bob

01-06-2005 17:29:30

hey guys, I'm a recent crossover from Age of Empires, and i'm told im pretty good at RoN. I have the x-pack, and have played lots, prehaps you one of you would like to face me before making a choice?


01-06-2005 18:01:42

What's your gamesay nick?


02-06-2005 05:16:27

Gl joining =) Hope to see you online sometime ^^


02-06-2005 13:11:28

"prehaps you one of you would like to face me before making a choice"

Bob, beating one of us won't get you in. Who are you, are you a dickhead. These questions will be answered before we even consider you.

Contrary to popular belief personality is a large part of being AU and skills second. BOTH are required.

I'm actually being veery gentle with you now as I have a 100% blank as to who you are. I am always here at this point testing wannabe's tolerance - I'm the 'dickhead' meter, and I will be watching you for obvious signs of teenage anxiety and acne - heh heh.

Fortunately for you literacy has nothing to do with AU membership.


02-06-2005 14:44:35

humble smells of poo


02-06-2005 15:57:59

Hey Bob,

I'll be the good cop as opposed to Humble's bad cop.

We'd be happy to consider you. Tell us your nick and ask us for 1v1 games and team games on-line. We'll want to get to know you (both your ron skills/potential + how nice a guy you are) then we'll vote on your membership. We don't accept many members we don't know well so be prepped for a process that takes a bit of time.

gl - tl

Bagdad Bob

02-06-2005 16:36:50

Sounds great! my nick is will, i am currently signed on to gameranger? if that means anythingS uhhh i'd love to play a game or to with you guys, just email me heizmon@hotmail.com whenever you wanna play


02-06-2005 16:53:55

Hi Bob, The best way to find games with us is by using the in-game multiplayer integration with gamespy. - tl


02-06-2005 18:31:31


hi bob!

I would come and play but my BAD BAD VERY BAD! mates went over our download limit in 2 days so now I'm stuck in 28 days purgatory.

I'm not really a bastard but if you're intolerant i will bring it out in you he heh.


02-06-2005 19:06:47


hi bob!

I would come and play but my BAD BAD VERY BAD! mates went over our download limit in 2 days so now I'm stuck in 28 days purgatory.

I'm not really a bastard but if you're intolerant i will bring it out in you he heh.[/quote4fc65be220]

give yourself some credit! you really are an intolerant bastard! Thats why I like you anhow...


02-06-2005 19:41:54

Watch some recorded games to see the general level of play amongst the top-level clans--do you think you could (sort of) fit in? If not, you won't have a huge chance.


02-06-2005 23:46:02

bad luck bongs, i think your out mate (


02-06-2005 23:53:19

We also take people with a really sick sense of humor (crash and bongs D).


03-06-2005 05:56:23

Damn, then you guys can actually merge with the kiwi clan =P


03-06-2005 13:12:55


Bagdad Bob

03-06-2005 16:00:38

sounds like fun, I'd love to face you guys anyways, clans arent a whole big part of the RoN enjoyment anyways (though they are pretty fun) the major issue is that i have Macintosh computer, and it uses gameranger (ring any bells) i think that is the defualt multiplayer service. Where could one get this gamespy? and is there a cost to sign up?
Bagdad Bob


03-06-2005 16:47:27

[quoteaca1ff6a82="TWC_Jups"]bad luck bongs, i think your out mate ([/quoteaca1ff6a82]

even with my limited playing as of the past 5-6 months I'd still own your ass P


03-06-2005 17:00:05

unfortunately, you can't play RoN Mac with RoN Windows players. Sorry. You still might be able to watch the recorded games, though.


03-06-2005 23:45:56



04-06-2005 04:42:34

really? that sucks, wtf is the point of owning ron in the mac then


04-06-2005 11:03:05

maybe i should switch and start ruling the mac world



04-06-2005 12:13:40

If you really want to rule the world go to vanilla. provided you reasonable/almost expert you'll rule the world...

I miss ruling te world. Damn i want some connex back soo bad.

Bagdad Bob

04-06-2005 15:31:03

aww that sucks... i guess i'm screwed then huh? oh well... how can one start up a clan successfully? any tips? i might as well dominate the macworld then P


04-06-2005 19:38:43

Well you can't play windows with mac cuz BHG uses directplay api for multiplayer. DirectPlay is part of directx which is available only for windows. TL can explain more cuz he da programmEr neRd.

I don't know how you start a clan, but make sure you're good and the people you're recruiting are good (not just skillwise but in other ways as well)...then it will just grow if enough people are involved.


05-06-2005 09:01:58

the name has to be short and catchy too


05-06-2005 13:00:41

Yeah Bob, get personalities as well as skills or your clan wont last/be any fun.

I highly recommend getting a resident abusive old fart comedian.

They are the coolest people in te world!


05-06-2005 15:13:28

but most importantly!!!!! they have to love teh anal, or the clan wont last

Bagdad Bob

05-06-2005 17:55:53

ahh well, thanks anyways guys, maybe in the future ill play a game or 2 agianst one of you hopefully, any of you guys play any other games? my best game hasat be halo, i've never lsot yet (sorry to brag) but yet i hav'nt got xbox live yet! im holding out for the next-gen console! any of you b oys play that game much?


06-06-2005 05:20:33

im all ron addicted oops

[Elite]_Evo x

29-11-2005 06:55:29

whens the next mor tournament?


29-11-2005 07:16:56

lol, why are you asking here?