21-01-2005 00:41:21

hey AU's i would like to joiN, iam old school ron player, with good skills, kind of rusty cuz i been away from ron for long, but now iam back D hehe.. well i joined elite bcuz insert is good friend of mine n he was tehre so i joined but now that ppl keep teasin me to leave cuz nobody likes elite n at the lobby ppl say bad stuff against elite, n i dont need that, so here iam tryin to join AU, iam mostly online, so u can try me out, i been in twc,bc,elite,--> hopefuly au oops yup



21-01-2005 05:53:52

are you Persian Pride?
I dont really recall anybody that has been in TWC and BC...


21-01-2005 08:44:23

He is Pride


21-01-2005 09:40:59

i never knew he was in BC @@


21-01-2005 11:22:42

Me neither..... -_____-


21-01-2005 12:08:50

wouldnt be his first lie p


21-01-2005 13:56:47



21-01-2005 14:05:36


r u gay?
just wonderin?
there is something called Life, if u have it, live it, n dont try to fuk around with others to make urs look better,
read some books, n see wats the purpose of wat we do here,?
cuz u can't get respect with ur game, u get respect with ur originality,(that u dont have), n don't post somewhere i started it, cuz u stink.



21-01-2005 14:09:04

lol you are funny


21-01-2005 14:21:57

it is also very funny as u try to join other clans as u still are in Elite P


21-01-2005 14:46:28

dont post here, cuz u look more stupid everytime u post, n make twc look bad with ur attitude, u represent ur clan so mind ur own busines, n wat i said up there wasn't funny, maybe it is funny 2 u cuz u dont understand the meanin of it, as i said, i do wat i wanna do,n if i fail ,it wont do me any bad or do u any good, iam tryin to join au, now if u don't mind , step a side cuz ur not au, to talk to me, or ask me something lol,

up nuuk's ass


21-01-2005 15:53:44

Leave nuuk alone he can post and say whatever he likes here with full respect.


21-01-2005 16:09:34

wat respect ? those haha brings him respect?, he is lil 16 yrs old, doesn't even know y he is playin this game,so who ever is interested face nuuk's shit lol? hah, sry dude, aint takin it, its up 2 u guys thu,

i'll wait


22-01-2005 03:48:57

it tells a lot about your intelligence that you start calling me gay and start with the "get a life" shit
and two other things
im not 16 and it really doesnt matter how old i am ,it is all about one's mental age
and please use the advise that you were given earlier and use a dictionary when posting, your posts are pain to read -_-


22-01-2005 06:00:11

Lawl my mental age is 9!!! But in fact there are 54 candles on my birthday cake...

My mum abused me, she bound a string around my peins and then pulls it... I like blowing the birthday candles...

No mum noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


22-01-2005 10:01:21


Is your real name Bubby?


22-01-2005 16:10:53

we've voted to not accept your application.