Big Huge Economy Competition


10-03-2005 13:51:52

Last time we gave you the Big Huge Army competition. This was won by (no big surprises here).....

birdparadise - otherwise and since then infamously known as - AU_bird.

The old site is gone so whoever remembers the ridiculous amount of units bird made in 15 minutes please speak up oops

Now we bring you the Big Huge Economy competition.

And seek expert feedback.

I was thinking a time limit of 15 minutes (is this enough or 20?) and in that time you need to


Get the highest econ you can (count total res income at 1500?)

Make gunpowder age by this time

Have at least (?) knowledge income

Have at least 3 cities

Make (or at least que if jumping straight to med) 1/2 dozen defensive units in classical (2 cav, 4 infantry?) and a tower.

Make 4 more units and a fort (or at least foundations and start building fort) in medieval.

With these military requirements I wish to approximate a booming pocket players contributions to raiding/defense/pushing in early game. Then hopefully folk can use the results of this competition (ie best booms) and apply them in online team games.

I think the minimum requirements will keep entry level above noob

Feedback please roll


10-03-2005 13:59:23

I would think only top players can get that done in 15 minutes, if many of them can even. P 15 Minutes to build a few infantry/cavalry will mean slower time to medieval, less gold for scholar boom...Thus will need many scholars to get to GP that fast (since u won't have them as early). Getting a fort will also slow down the time by a bunch. I like the numerous requirements (these plus the 3 cities, x amount of knowledge, etc etc...but I think the 15 minute time would be very tough. P I dont think I could do that without a lot of practice right now...And I dont think too many players could. I'd set the time to 20 min to make people feel better. ) Then just take the person with the fastest time. Also, I'd specify as to what sort of units in medieval (whether villagers, merchants, caravans, boats...etc etc count)...And you also don't mention map, are water maps allowed (assuming they are since it is not mentioned).


10-03-2005 14:04:24


Maps will be one comp with water on it (incl lakes water hole and outback) one just land.

Map 2/3 player

No of players 1 (you)

No pausing, normal speed.

10-03-2005 14:46:37

My opinion is the first to get info win, it sound cool and easy ).

Second, is that we should make 2 project

1- vs AI on a see map with a lot a fish.
2- vs AI on land map with no fish.

Pacifique technology run. The first to info win.

Things for a fairer map
1- make a scenario everybody will get same map with the same rare and same starting woodcamp.
2- may be a scenario with no rare could be good to I dunno...

10-03-2005 14:47:51

We speak about booming, I think it's about a 100% booming skill that we should juge it...


10-03-2005 15:06:18



10-03-2005 15:21:30

Neophoenix? neotank?

100% booming doesn't apply to online play unless you are an EMW pocket.

I like the info race but takes too long for we who have to sit through and confirm recs and again is rarely applicable to online play.

There is no AI.

Different maps allowed to benefit different civs.

Rares could be ignored, thoughts people?

Raider - how bout those requirements but 20 minute timer and enlightenment age needed. The biggest overall economy wins.

Knowledge wouldnt matter so much as you obviously had some to get to enlightenment but adding it into total score of economy would provide incentive not to ignore it....


10-03-2005 15:24:51

Rares - need em for dutch nubs etc strats so keep them I think. In 1 player on 2/3 player map size you rarely get more than 6 and have to find them too.

Plus they add to the variety of elements that is ron.


10-03-2005 17:27:26

should have (since this is a booming strategy) everyone pick their own map type and civ. it will make strats for certain map types more viable.

also give people an idea on what civs can do what and on what maps. Greeks fishing on outback, nubians on sahara, inca on hims

that is my opinion on it, if this goes right with people choosing their own maps and civs then others can use that model to formulate new strats.

just my opinion



10-03-2005 17:58:31

thats pretty much how it'd work with all maps allowed but anything with water is classed/judged in water category.


10-03-2005 18:20:47

I think it should be trivial to do all the requirements in say 12 minutes or 13 minutes with Rome, even on a land map. I did almost all that within 12 minutes vs Acid Taste in the tourney (GP before 12 min, attacked by 13 min with bombards, knights, dragoons, arques, and HIs). I had no fort but I'm sure that I coulda put one up if I felt like it (I got democracy instead I think). And that was on Old World with me getting only 250 ruins. On a map like outback you can cut your gp time another minute or two.

So yes, it's very doable, even on a land map.

I dunno what good parameters for a BHE contest would be, but I'll get back to you after I have more time to think (after finals).

Both bird and readyman got 80 units in 15 minutes in the BHA competition using Mongols. They both used a com-sci start followed by colossus in classical to achieve their number.

Of course the problem with using resources to gauge the competition would be that British would destroy everyone. Making a few units with British is easy (make a rax and you already have 1 unit). And in 1v1 their taxation income is big.


10-03-2005 20:58:54

For brits I thought I'd make it only 2 of all defensive units can be archers and of course most units made before gunpowder as they are your "defense".

I found the requirements easy too but you gotta remember what a noob clan raider just came from P


10-03-2005 22:15:59

to tell you the truth with any civ you can make units in classical with little pain to your boom because you wait for knowledge before you wait for any other resource.

pure booming is a waste of resources



11-03-2005 00:12:49

So are noobs with big armies who don't use em ;)

I find if I make units in classical it directly affects my boom as I want wood for farms/mines unis etc gold for scholars and food for civilians/techs/cities.

Even a delayed rush is like a mini boom to a point (100/100 generally) which then switches to military production.

Sims - was thinking 20 minutes gives chance for a few early wonders to be employed with time enough for their bonuses to help in the boom. This might give americans a chance to boom vs dutch etc you never know... With units i thought classical make 2 cav of any type 2 archers and 2 hi aztecs if u play em (why to boom?) can have li instead of archers. Medieval add 2 hc and 2 li.

I have high hopes for dutch, brit, inca, ame's, germans...


11-03-2005 01:03:17

Well you can go info in 21 or 22 mins with quite a few civs on outback or emw if you really optimize ^^


11-03-2005 02:15:54

This all sounds very complicated =p
why not just make the setts of

Map Sahara (or something else?)
Size Bighuge
Settings Nomad, all other standard
Nation Lakota

The winner is the first to reach info OR The winner is the one on the highest age by the point of certain time limit (30mins?) (and if same age, count points...)

11-03-2005 07:37:54


Old world all nation alowed HF...
1v1 small map.
AI easiest.

A lot of people have not time to play online for those things...

Info race is for me the better things to show who is the best boomer...


11-03-2005 07:58:08

no AI, just one Human player
Bighuge map for getting more balanced rares


11-03-2005 07:58:50

Ehm... I think i'll skip this =P

11-03-2005 09:02:29

Ok, for human player, I will play with my 5 month brother on LAN)


11-03-2005 10:01:41

only 1 player I meant -_-

11-03-2005 12:28:54

I didn't know we can use it ^^


11-03-2005 12:29:35

The large maps gives better opportunity to iroq and bantu too, non booming civs that can scout early and get huge early runes which would be cool. ) Spanish as well, better scouting and sight of all rares. The bigger map gives advantage to civs that would not be near as strong normally. A bigger map may employ the usage of these civs.

"I found the requirements easy too but you gotta remember what a noob clan raider just came from"

Funny that In 2 consecutive team tourniest TuF beat 3 AU's teams (in total) and a TWC team. P Once I came to AU it seemed AU started winning all the tournies. I don't even have to be playing, its just that I'm not playing against u guys. P ) My E-penis is bigger than yours.


11-03-2005 13:05:36

Lolz Raider. I got no probs just giving you some back for all your TuF are the best speeches you used to lay on in RoNu. Fate has indeed smiled upon us but thing is, I always knew we were headed to top and noone can tell me otherwise I just knew.

kk sims, agreed, though fastest info i ever got in a game vs people was 2500.

20 or 25 minutes, what do you reckon and why.

Sorry other folk I aint changing everything just trying to tweak the ideas at present.

Larger the map with one player the further apart all rares and ruins become...


11-03-2005 13:24:34

But the farther away the runes helps the civs that are better at scouting. The other civs will get few early ruins, and since there are lots of ruins on the larger maps, the scouting civs will get more ruins total...sooner. Thus, civs like Spanish, Iroq, and Bantu might be played. Otherwise they will not of course. Just a thought, not sure what you guys are looking for. A 20-22 minutes Info time? Best I remember was 23 back when I played, guess u guys got better. ( I don't really like the idea of an info boom, it does nothing for general skill play. Even on East meets West u cant just straight boom, u'll need to spend a lot of resources on a navy. I like the original idea posted, Certain # of units in classical, medieval, a fort, etc etc..Maybe a tower before hitting medieval age too? )


11-03-2005 13:29:05

Well, if you're at peace for 20 minutes, who cares about need a civ that has a long-term econ bonus (i.e. Dutch, British, Nubs, Inca...). Only an insane person would pick Iroq or Bantu or Spanish in a booming contest.

I think we should have people build some sort of military but i dunno how much. Maybe we should have a Big Fucking Huge Army contest. First to 100 units upgraded to V. I think a pure boom war wouldn't be as popular.


11-03-2005 13:46:14

Methinks we getting somewhere if not sidetrackedP

Big Huge Army I greatly improved a lot of participants micro and nation specific builds and showed it was possible for any nation to have more than 50 military units by 15 minutes. A sobering thought if you have to face said army upgraded at 1600.

I was hoping this would show the capabilities of economic, as opposed to mil production, for specific civs.

But straight booming online is bollix, hence the minimal military requirements.

So many units, tower (fort debatable) by certain times and best economy takes the prize.

Land and water map categories to see the builds on both.

This should produce a whole bunch of wonder/rare/nation combos for us to consider in the pursuit of domination.

Mongols were clear winners in BHA. I don't think they stand a chance in BHE.


11-03-2005 14:26:34

You think that with a total of 6 units you'll be able to stop any player to kill you...?

At least when i get this right...

12-03-2005 09:16:19

Sims I make 23 min with spain, on little map with an opponent on vanilla RoN.

With larget, no opponent. I think I can make 21 or less...

12-03-2005 09:19:35

best booming nation (i speak for a info race are
Nubian, greek, spain, brits, Americans may be, inca, dutch)


12-03-2005 11:58:35

beertender at last count it was 10 by med. This is to be a minimal defense force which of course you'd begin to augment immediately should you get 'attacked'. Spelt out enough?

Maybe inca - dutch. I think you'll find they're best.


2 categories.

1st to info.

1st to 100 units.

You can submit water maps if you want. Fastest on land maps in both categories get a prize. If you want prizes for water best find them.

Details after we spankx the MoR.

12-03-2005 13:57:42

That sound ok. Try to make a text with rules tomorow D; but that's look good )


13-03-2005 02:42:58

Yes, clear rules )


13-03-2005 10:59:12

got to work peeps i get details out for yas 48 hours max.


13-03-2005 14:05:40

(45) (125)


19-03-2005 19:33:43

Are you guys still doing this, that would kick some ass. I looked for some more info on it but couldnt find any. Just drop me a line or reply if you sure some AFO would definetly be interested.

Pondguy 8)


26-03-2005 12:41:05

Lost interest as my T&P doesn't work any more so not only can't I play I can't watch recs or check setts get screens for rules etc.

Sorry peeps, but that's how it is. Not running something I have to leave everyone else to organise P


29-03-2005 01:35:31

Too Bad Ram cry

Hope you get back into it soon. lol



29-03-2005 01:39:58

[quote2fef3e94ff="AU_Rambozo"]Lost interest as my T&P doesn't work any more so not only can't I play I can't watch recs or check setts get screens for rules etc.

Sorry peeps, but that's how it is. Not running something I have to leave everyone else to organise P[/quote2fef3e94ff]
mm... you lost the CD or the game stopped working??