World Government Ladder tourney


21-08-2008 04:57:35


We at WG are thinking of hosting a 1v1 ladder tourney, But we need enough intrest from the ron community to start this tourney. This wont just be "another Tournament" This tournament will be over a few months and will be based on a points system u see in ron but much better! Rules Will be posted as soon as we know there are enough people willing to play the tournomant! It's up to you, the rise of nations community to support us in our attempt to bring life back into ron.

Registrations will start monday August 25th on the World Goverments site.

Everyone is welcome, it's to have fun and if u want to improve your skiils here is your chance!


22-08-2008 07:04:20

Hey, yea I'm interested. )


22-08-2008 16:21:31