Sup Dudes


07-11-2006 18:22:29

Havent been on for a while but i hope all is well. This game got old for me. I see there are quite a few freaks logging on with advice on how not to get laid... Thats always nice. I'll be sure to check in more often to take a few potshots and hopefully drive to suicide some of the bigger lemons.

PS TL i still bang your wife on occasions. How is my kid doing?


08-11-2006 13:07:18

rofl, gg, no re. Bongs, tell your wife Thursday is stil good for me.


14-11-2006 01:50:51

msft interviewing me for an internship, we'll see how that goes.


14-11-2006 10:18:42

What group?


17-11-2006 22:01:28

i asked for mtn view, so windows live or iptv.

i installed an eval version of vista final from msdn academic alliance, and it does not work on my network. dhcp just doesn't work, only static ip addressing, which sucks. also my wm5 device won't sync with outlook correctly in the windows mobile device center thing. also if you change the color scheme to anything other than the default and use WMP11, the controls look like shit. i'm a bit disappointed...back to xp for now i guess.