sims and tl....


09-02-2005 13:51:52

u guys gonna play in the olympics?


09-02-2005 14:56:39

I think they are both a shoe in for the Special Olympics. TL can can compete in the "fastest colostomy bag change" and Sims can do his best to not drool for 45 seconds. Damn, I love those goofy lil bastards. "Insert life goes on theme song here"


09-02-2005 17:44:10

Yeah, we should form a team. Maybe we can get cappy signed on too...


10-02-2005 21:27:10

I'm now a daddy so I'm not sure. All depends on how much attention the little guy needs ;)....


10-02-2005 23:38:12



12-02-2005 11:30:37

Congrats tl ) I;m an anoying brat 2... The first 2 years are okay untill they start to speak, then they'll start whining and crying cause of everthing...

Not to speak about what happens when they reach puberty, they get home drunk have pre marial sex... OW man really GG NO RE for you tl P