Taking break


08-05-2006 09:07:45

RoL is coming out tomorrow and from playing the beta I can't say I'm too interested. So I think I'll take a break from RoN for a while. The only AUs that are on regularly are me and bird anyway. I'm happy we won the Cup, it's good we won something again.


08-05-2006 13:54:25

Judgement Day is coming ( ( (


25-09-2006 20:50:23

How long is your break going to be? I think this site needs AU members who regularly contribute here to lighten it up.


25-09-2006 21:57:03

I don't think there's any competitive team game out right now that a critical mass of AUs are interested in. Until there is... we'll probably continue as we are now (or as long as sims keeps the site up ))


26-09-2006 00:31:12

hopefully sims (he sounds like the webmaster of the site) keeps the site up for many more months(see the alliterration?lol)