PLA would like to...


27-03-2006 23:42:41

Hi AUs,

I was wondering if you would allow PLA (a noobish clan atm ) ) to repost your AU forum strategy articles on the PLA forums for use by the PLA members. All credits will be given whenever possible to the contributors. Since PLA is mainly a Chinese-based clan, I also intend to translate some of them into Chinese.

Your kind consideration and favourable reply will be highly appreciated!



28-03-2006 04:14:15

Uh! The cheek!


28-03-2006 04:57:42

sure go ahead


28-03-2006 05:49:00

Cool, thanks man!


28-03-2006 06:10:23

wow! now chinese people ask before they copy something dance dance dance


28-03-2006 21:54:09

Ho ho ho!


28-03-2006 23:10:01

Silly Germans. )


05-04-2006 17:14:46

George's picture@@
Still can't get rid of that ugly image lol^^


05-04-2006 18:52:59

lol pwned

[Elite]_Evo x

07-04-2006 05:00:24

[quote5b01835dd0="_PLA_Ihatenoobsandrush"]George's picture@@
Still can't get rid of that ugly image lol^^[/quote5b01835dd0]

haha o


09-04-2006 18:26:54

You guys are just jealous of his hair D
He looks like Fez on that 70's show (except a very very young fez)

Not Important

10-04-2006 18:35:48

Fez is venezuelan tho ;(


12-04-2006 10:10:26

I've been mistaken for hispanic before...


12-04-2006 22:41:03

[quotea3851ac66d="WH_Georgie"]I've been mistaken for hispanic before...[/quotea3851ac66d]

What a compliment they gave you there.


30-04-2006 00:19:34

[quote82af92885a="_AFO_Georgie"]I've been mistaken for hispanic before...[/quote82af92885a]

how is that possible arent u like chinese or something shock

[Elite]_Evo x

05-05-2006 11:12:08

He looks more like an Indonesian or possibly Phillipinnes .... like south east asia


06-05-2006 20:55:46

Georgie is hot 8) stop blasfering