Anyone playing dota?


19-03-2006 10:47:13

I generally play under US West. My team is playing in CAL (league), for dota. Currently we are in playoffs---16 teams left. Just wondering if anyone who reads these forums play dota by chance.

If the RoN xpac or what not is good by the way--expect to see me back playing it.


19-03-2006 14:23:56

O_o my little brother spends 20 hours every weekend on the TDA ventrilo channel playing dota on useast. not sure if he plays in league, but wouldn't be surprised if he was, he takes it too seriously


19-03-2006 14:40:14

my little brother spends 20 hours every weekend on the TDA

omg 20 hrs? i only function 16 hrs a day the rest i sleep. Has anyone seen the movie v for vendetta yet?


19-03-2006 21:17:24

TDA is old. If he's good have him play in the new IHL (in house league). P No one else yet? (


20-03-2006 07:18:27

Well i played it a bit but then got bored with it and lend my cd to killahertz so you could find him ocasionally


20-03-2006 10:59:46

i play dota on #dotapickup.euro in irc so you can have a nice quality game without leavers


20-03-2006 14:28:43

Scuse my ignorance, but what is DOTA?


21-03-2006 07:36:56

whats DOTA


21-03-2006 12:51:48

Im guessing that a little google search wouldnt hurt. ?


21-03-2006 20:11:23

I don't think he's on TDA for the competition, but for the community. Poor boy has most of his friends online...

Although I'm pretty sure he plays in a league, only way to explain him yelling out "FIVE FOUR THREE TWO ONE SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE OMFG GET THE INVISIBILITY OH NO SHADOW WARDEN GOT AWAY ARRGH WHAT ARE YOU DOING"


24-03-2006 16:19:33

Lol. Bah, none of you guys are on teams/play CAL. ( Dota=a WC3 mod that has become very popular. I can't play Euro league seeing as I am west coast USA (near Los Angeles), but I play on East Coast in the ever-so popular In House league (IHL), which was more or less formerly the TDA bit (for those who are familiar).


25-03-2006 03:05:53

I think nuuk plays dota, and so does goofy. I only play standard on the euro server if u wanna play. Mame is really good standard player too.


25-03-2006 03:30:13

i play dota


28-03-2006 13:35:50

Omg...they have a DOTA league. That's retarded.


28-03-2006 19:06:40

Yeh it must suck that more people play a mod to WC3 right now then EVER playing Rise of Nations on multiplayer. Now, tell me what sucks...


28-03-2006 20:15:15

rofl, pwned.


28-03-2006 21:54:58

Pffft. DoTA = tamagotchi RTS


29-03-2006 14:24:28

Georgie is right ^^

standard wc3 ftw!


21-09-2006 00:38:06

In my local net cafe at least 50% of all gamers there are playing dota. I mean dota is whats making warcraft 3 so popular. Although RON is better than DoTA


30-10-2007 01:25:18

Wolf and I still play.
I think monty still plays a bit of dota even.