Fish stick gone?


04-03-2006 17:14:16

Is fishstickfoundation gone? i think they took down the site already i suppose this game is already at its end anyways..... (


05-03-2006 15:06:08

They are getting a new forum, I dont know the URL for it though


06-03-2006 06:42:23

[quote3342c3fba6="Stumpy_"]They are getting a new forum, I dont know the URL for it though[/quote3342c3fba6]

Was the plan, yes. But unfortunately almighty pompous judge Mr. Zornmeister found it not needed since FSF isn't active enough anyways. Therefore, he kinda decided for himself to pull the plug on the site permanently.

My conclusion of FSF -- a thing I spent three fucking years on--
Even after WW 2 it still goes never trust a goddamn Germ, and especially see to it they never achieve such a position so they can either block you off the site, either do any harm to it as soon as something doesn't suit them.

He probably be finding this some day coming here to defend himself with this lawyer crap about democracy. Just keep in mind when he hits this site democracy is only respected when one can gain an advantage of it. wink

If it is not too much effort for the admins of this site, please remove my tag as it has become obsolete. Thanks. )



06-03-2006 08:04:01

[quote0387aef4d2]never trust a goddamn Germ[/quote0387aef4d2] lol


06-03-2006 11:27:21

What about MoR?


06-03-2006 12:35:01

MoR is to be regarded as a community project, merely founded by FSF, therefore it should be regarded as a seperate issue. For as long as the RoN community has interest in MoR -- and is willing to support it in its times of need for this -- MoR will continue to exist.


06-03-2006 12:59:07

ouch ;(


06-03-2006 16:02:10

If it is not too much effort for the admins of this site, please remove my tag as it has become obsolete. Thanks. ) [/quote0b176838d1]

ok i did it, u have to log on with godfather now


07-03-2006 04:52:07

Ok here goes my explanation.
I will try to do without the insults though.

Me and several other members were trying to keep alive
the (rather inactive) clan by recruiting new members.
Godfather himnself though decided that FSF should become inactive until
RoL came out and refused to open up to any new members.

This decision has not been discussed, voted on or agreed by all members.
I myself - for instance - have not even been informed about the step.
The forced 'hibernation' has simply been announced by GF.

Instead I have beenb accused for not working enough on FSF site and for
'monopolizing' features for MoR site. Those accusations hit me as I was the only
one maintaining both sites anyway while others didn't do anything for the site.
No other members (except a few active ones like Auton, Diveloperz) cared to assist.
No one was interested that maintaining both sites is beyond the possibilities of a single - working - person.
In return I did not even get a vote on the future of the clan.

So I decided that I did not want to be in an inactive clan and that the accusations about the site
were unjustified. I decided to leave and logically I did not see the need to continue paying for and
maintaining the FSF site like I used to do the past 2+ years. I have announced this and gave the
others enough time to continue hosting the site, offered and made a snapshot and database backup of it, ready
to be handed over to anyone who was willing to continue the work.

Unfortunately I did not get a single response or reaction to the announcement. Especially not by
Godfather. It seems that no one is interested and I do not understand how it is my fault now.

I am sorry to dig up the shit but I found the accusations in this forum a bit far fetched and do not want
the insults to not be answered.

As a sidenote I must add that MoR hardly was an FSF project at any time. Except a few posts, announcements etc.
It has never got any real support by any FSF members - many do not even know the url up to this time.
I did always tolerate the 'created by FSF, hosted by FSF' etc. comments but now it is time to tell how it really is.
Most of the support MoR gets is from people of various clans such as AFO, TWC, Elite etc. So right from the beginning it
has been a community project rather than a clan project.



07-03-2006 10:50:23

I dont think anyone really has the time to manage sites anymore.


07-03-2006 11:42:17

face it, ron is dead long ago.

clan that is dedicated to only like 1 games (especially when the game have such a small community).............won't gonna last too long.

RoL seem to be much better BUT is still GS & the game look somewhat nooby compare to ron.


07-03-2006 12:01:47

RoL looks pretty IMO.


07-03-2006 12:03:00

On a different subject, if you want a good action game then I suggest Call of Duty 2. Graphics are great and it's so addictive!

Buy it, you won't regret it.

And no... Activision doesn't employ me to say all that. D


07-03-2006 12:08:06

ut07 will pwnz the living crap outta everything else when it come out. (hopefully)


07-03-2006 22:49:30

Communication is so important. I watched an eco challenge on TV last night where it was observed that the best teams don't argue during the race. They do the job at hand and save any "discusions" for after the race. The weaker teams tend to break down during the race when there is a failure of communication, which in turn leads to misunderstandings and mistakes as well as lack of direction.

There will be arguments on clan management and direction in every clan and this isn't an eco challenge, of course. Still, the importance of clear and open communications between clan members can't be overemphasized. If I remember correctly from reading FSF history, they've had similar ups and downs in the past. They have a good chance of restructuring if there is new leadership within that wants to take up the challenge. For now, MoR under Zorn's leadership is FSF's legacy. What happens to FSF only time will tell.


07-03-2006 23:08:38

very well said eyecare and its fucking stupid how the clan died, i was in fsf til it was officially dead. and heres my version of what happened ...

before the NY tourney started, all the active members(zorn was not active due to him starting his own law firm) decided after the ny tourney was over that we would go into "hibernation" so about 2 weeks after the ny tourney ended zorn doesnt agree with the hibernation thing and says he didnt ever vote on it or have any say so on it.(COULD BE BECAUSE U WERE GONE FOR 2 WEEKS!)him and gf argue a while about that. then the topic switches from hibernation to changing the fsf site to rol theme, gf tells zorn that mor was monopolizing on all the new features while fsf site was looking like shit, zorn got pissed and said that hes tired of gf complaining and not doing anything so he pulls the plug on the site.(BS, gf has done enough to help with the community, maybe not as much as zorn but i think its fucked up to say he does NOTHING)

this is the way i see it, zorn was just looking for an excuse to leave fsf. evil


08-03-2006 00:15:58

hmm well that sux.

but if zorn doesnt want to pay for fsf site anymore, that is his right for sure.

and one day i might not want to pay for AU site anymore, and it will disappear too. GG

i have some extra bandwidth for one extra domain if someone is going to put it to good (re active) use.


08-03-2006 01:09:47

Can't blame Zorn really. If he's been maintaining the sites whilst others have been doing nothin' then he does have a point.


08-03-2006 10:55:06

why do some people have to be so impolite can anyone now in days have a nice conversation. Zorn is probably just exhausted they should lay off him he does have alot of work in his mind, even then he managed to take care of the sites.


08-03-2006 17:54:58

The sites will just begin disappearing one by one...who falls next?!


08-03-2006 18:31:59

AU! dance


09-03-2006 01:05:11



09-03-2006 02:50:57

stf gf u cant blame zorn for the site, u cant even spend few bucks to make the site running,u should have taken control of it if u really interested in FSF.


09-03-2006 02:56:45

Having abandonment issues? wink

This will be my last post on this subject since I believe we "abused" AU forums already more than enough regarding this subjectt - sorry Sims. )

Whoever this ex-FSF guy is, at least have the balls to come to MSN with your proper nick before you start yelling unvalidated comments behind some unknown nickname. Its for pussies.

Oh ya, Zorn, once more the hibernation was discussed in the NY Tournament Staff Forum. Unfortunately, I deleted all those forums after the NY Tournament was concluded, hence the reason no posts could be found regarding the subject. I deemed it irrelevant to save them as there was decided upon already by the clan. Narzhul, Eggs, Yps, Insideher and Tiba can confirm the existence of this post.



09-03-2006 10:46:29

Maybe time to lock the thread...


09-03-2006 11:13:44

Fish sticks rocked.

Sorry to hear you're having troubles. Maybe GF and Zorn need a break from each other.

RoN will never die.

Just become pathetic rofl.