14-02-2006 08:02:20

Reqognise me?


14-02-2006 13:49:42



14-02-2006 14:11:25

isnt he like AU's founder?!??!! o shock

Not Important

14-02-2006 19:55:27

no, he's not the founder.. his post makes it obvious too "reqognise" c'mon guys
hows it been requiem, coming back to ron i hope?


14-02-2006 21:32:55

Actually the founder and Requiem are one and the same - I switched from MeM to ReQ near the end of my AU days...
Good chance I won't be playing RoN ever again, though there's an even better chance that I'll next be seeing you all again on RoL, unless some of you care to stop by and see me on AoE3 until then. I'm currently using the nick ReQ.
Past few months have been crazy for me and things are shaping up to appear as though 2006 is the only opportunity I'm going to get to leisurely play online. Once 2007 hits I'll be chucking in the towel.


14-02-2006 23:20:36

so you are the founder of AU?! why are you chucking the towel?!!?


15-02-2006 03:57:41

Heh - I have nothing to do with AU anymore. From what I've seen of the member list, only about 1/5th of them are from the original AU. But yeah, by chucking in the towel I mean giving up on gaming altogether. I'll be married before 2008 is over, so I've got to set myself up career-wise for that by saving up my money and doing well at my studies.


15-02-2006 14:34:44

Good luck with the rest of your life. 8)


16-02-2006 01:52:47

[quote6094f2dfde]Not Important
PostPosted Wed Feb 15, 2006 355 am Post subject
no, he's not the founder.. his post makes it obvious too "reqognise" c'mon guys
hows it been requiem, coming back to ron i hope?[/quote6094f2dfde] obviuosly don't have a very good memory there dude...

I suppose you don't remember also the great AU split and clan wars between Nide and Memento (aka Requiem) who went on to found EPIC. Req do you look back on these times as the good ol days or are you still dark at NiDe? To me it was just a clash of too ginormous personallities of the time.....hehe....good times )

Anyway how ya doing, long time no see. Hows your political studies coming along or have you branched off into other area now? getting married dude....damn you starting off young...well all the best and hope to see you online again sometime.


21-02-2006 20:13:18

Hey bro


22-02-2006 14:39:22

Ya Req how's its coming sleeping with the big bosses daughter? Fun still or are ya bored now?


24-02-2006 05:25:50

Nah, I gave up on the boss's daughter the moment I was back with the girl I'm with now. There's no money in the world that would get me stay with that other bitch... I heard after Packer's death that she inherited $400 million into a trust fund. I don't regret my decision a single bit. Would be no different to being stuck with a rich, arrogant, stupid whore like Paris Hilton. But yeah, this girl I'm with now... poor as dirt but perfect in every possible way, even surpassing my impossible standards. I love the lass to death, and yeah I am marrying her... probably too young to be doing so, but I've found everything that I want. I know I'd be a fool to look for anything more when I've found someone far better than what I deserve..

As for politics... I'm not doing any studies towards it at university, but rather a double degree in business and psychology. I could stick with the psyche side of it and become a clinical psychologist, psycho-analyst or a neurologist, but none of that's really for me... so I'm sticking with the business side and using psychology to give me that edge. From what I've heard it's a good path to be going along career-wise and it sets me up for what I have in mind. I have an online business idea that I'm stewing over that could do exceptionally well if I could get it up and running... but that's all hush-hush for now. As for politics, I'm still extremely keen about it all, I have a few ideas of a 'socialist' nature that would work beautifully if implemented along with the system we have now.. but that's all for later down the track..

niDe - good to see you buddy. They were good times, RoN just got boring after those AU days... it really was all just about the community...


28-02-2006 10:52:52

Hey Dude!

Humble here.

Err business psychology. you want a real edge, look into neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) no shit I can practically read peoples minds when I'm swotted up in this skill.

But after you learned it, don't be surprised to find nearly everyone is full of shit.

It was originally designed as a psychology tool but it can be applied to any dealings with people given half a chance to fire a few questions their way.

I got so good at following peoples thought patterns i was accused of mind reading.

rofl. Go hard!

Not Important

28-02-2006 17:30:04

lol, tight, now you got me looking into this ya bastard!


28-02-2006 23:31:49

Yeah - I remember you putting me onto NLP eons ago, but never had the chance to get around to it. I'm working 40 hours a week on top of uni atm, but will be practically taking the entire year off for 2007 so I'll try getting into it then. But yeah, intriguing stuff...


05-03-2006 12:38:58

gogo nlp


07-03-2006 19:00:39

OMG the fruitcakes have trashed a great tool.

Goddamn new agers!

I use NLP to cure friends phobias and in business to see who's lying the most.

Ignore the mumbo jumbo you're smart enough to see through it.

Frogs Into Princes is the first book, before it turned into shite.