Good LCDs


23-01-2006 21:48:22

Anyone have any leads on good LCDs? I need something > 19", good enough response time to play FPS, otherwise cost/size drives it.


24-01-2006 02:58:51

Sony SDM-HS95P


24-01-2006 14:37:55

i have a dell 2005fpw. check http//


24-01-2006 18:46:11

[quote3e2b39bb7a="AU_sims"]i have a dell 2005fpw. check http//[/quote3e2b39bb7a]

i've got the same one. it pwns.


24-01-2006 20:50:34

friend of mine has that dell too... not as good as my dad's viewsonic, but much much cheaper, and still good.