Whatch'all playing?



21-01-2006 23:57:41

AOE3 on rare occasion.
Guild wars- just started- it's interesting... not as polished as WoW but seems like they have better ideas. The expansion should be really interesting.
Star Wars Galaxies- just stopped- too buggy/laggy/uninteresting.
Counterstrike source for my FPS team needs.
1/2 life 2- just single player... I'm sorta sick of stacking boxes tho /.
COD2- just single player, though I stopped cause 360 graphics pwn the PC's & I have PC version /. Probably play it @ work where my 360 is @ a later date.
TnP is still installed, haven't played in ages tho.
Have the BFME2 multiplayer beta, haven't touched it tho cause I couldn't get my username/pword to work.
Have the Star wars empire @ war beta, booted it today... space battles seem interesting but simple, haven't played a land battle. Wondering what the econ model is.
Looking forward to ROL demo... should be interesting.

Jesus, all those games & I only play a few hours/week. No wonder I can never finish any of them....


22-01-2006 01:15:52

Coding an OS in my OS class...pwned


22-01-2006 07:20:14

hey tl, what level are u in in half life??? have u been to raven? (sp) thats right after u meet dog, couse it gets fucking ownage after that D...and whats ur cs tag?


22-01-2006 07:21:40

ive only done a few tnp games here and there...what i really want is to get the 360 and fight night round 3..but im too chicken shit couse i know itll own my life, so i wont even bother buying it ;(


22-01-2006 20:25:39

Coding an OS in my OS class...pwned[/quote94d98d1f15]

Im intrigued, tell me more about that.


25-01-2006 13:09:00




26-01-2006 04:02:29



26-01-2006 07:44:45

I delete posts that are worthless and off-topic.

Rooty CSS name = longstock. I'm suxor tho. In HL2 I'm past the dog but kinda got uninterested. It's cool, just too much going right now for me to finish. I haven't seen fight night round 3, what looks great about it? I been playing COD2 on the 360- it's got better graphics than any FPS I've seen... amazing.

Dread- are you mostly playing PVP or the PVE stuff?


26-01-2006 14:16:38

mmm this looks good about it P


26-01-2006 14:17:09

and this P


26-01-2006 14:18:18

thats actual gameplay footage


26-01-2006 16:11:06

Holy shit is that xbox 360 root? O


26-01-2006 16:47:43

ya fux


26-01-2006 19:01:43

you have 360 root?


26-01-2006 19:05:30

Devs- Off-topic for the thread. The only thing I've seen you write continues to be drivel.

Rooty- Daaaammmnnn. I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow. I'm gonna get pwned tho. Are the fighters known? e.g. Can I play Mike Tyson in his prime D. ...or Ali?


26-01-2006 19:09:23

ali u can but not mike, dunno why, and i think pretty much any other pro fighting now, the game comes out in a few weeks, these screenies are from a demo that its a free download from the xbox live market place D

and fux i dont have one, exacly couse of game like that, i would have to call out of work every day and break up with my girlfriend, thats why i wont buy it

but man do i want it


26-01-2006 19:59:17

who doesn't want it?!?!


27-01-2006 03:24:55

[quote3433348800="AU_tl"]Devs- Off-topic for the thread. The only thing I've seen you write continues to be drivel.[/quote3433348800]



27-01-2006 04:00:39

Heh, I was referring to deviloperz


29-01-2006 04:03:31

back to topic
if i spend time in front of the pc its mostly poker and dota...


29-01-2006 06:46:49

heh, i really don't understand you. you joined AU and played 10 games with them and then you stopped playing ron and went to play Dota, poker, .. D


29-01-2006 10:58:00

where you play poker?