Age of Empires III?


21-01-2006 15:40:59

Just wondering if any of you have AoE3? Is it better than RoN? Tell me what it's like.


[Elite]_Evo x

23-01-2006 11:17:36

ron >>>> aoe3 but aoe3 still good ... its more simple tha ron but also a few more options . also the aoe3 online patch has come. but if i were u id wait for rol now . not too long wait ;)


23-01-2006 14:36:10

Thanks Evo,
I've already bought AoE3 now. I'm having mega problems because it's virtually unplayable. The game is very slow and jerky. What do you think is the cause of this problem?

If anyone else could answer my question too, that would be great.


23-01-2006 14:37:54

Perhaps I need to update my video card?

[Elite]_Evo x

23-01-2006 15:36:52

hmmm .... yes get some more ram ... i got the same problem . mine laggs like a muthafocker

[Elite]_Evo x

23-01-2006 15:39:12

a good graphics card is a must though otherwise ur fooked my friend wink


23-01-2006 18:49:26

I have 512MB of RAM, you reckon that's enough?

[Elite]_Evo x

24-01-2006 01:01:04

i think its the system requirements but not enough if u want it really smooth runing but most people only have 512 /


30-01-2006 11:09:19

I've got 512 and put it on the lowest possible graphics...

Well my graph card is broken anyways (it heats cause the cooling thing is broken) And i get blackscreens after +- 50 mins of playing.

Anyways before that shit happened it ran pretty smooth on lower graphics =)

[Elite]_Evo x

31-01-2006 05:00:39

yeah ... and isnt the patch out?? but rol will kill aoe3 ;)


04-02-2006 18:07:26

Thanks guys, I'll try and do what you did Beertender, and see if that helps.