RoN RTS League


29-01-2005 12:24:47

Hi all AU members,

[u39268c2143][b39268c2143]Official Invitation[/b39268c2143][/u39268c2143]

This is WH_SSRider inviting your team/clan to check out and possibly participate in the inaugural Rise of Nations RTS League that is beginning in January 2005. If you would like more information, to sign up or even to offer your services as a member of staff then visit the site at


Feel free to visit the forum and share your comments and suggestion as we are open to the entire Rise of Nations community’s ideas.

We hope to see your team participate in what we're sure will be a fantastic competition. This will be an ongoing event, this is not a one time tournament.

[u39268c2143][b39268c2143]League Staff[/b39268c2143][/u39268c2143]

We are still looking to add one more staff member, maybe someone on your team has the skills and time to fill this final position. If you think you have something to offer please post your experience and contact information here


[u39268c2143][b39268c2143]Signing Up[/b39268c2143][/u39268c2143]

If you are the leader of your team, or your leader has authorized you to sign your team up please use the official application form located here


All information on the form is required and email validation by the leader will have to be done before your team's application is considered.

[b39268c2143]Thank you in advance for your interest ~ The RoN-RTS League Staff[/b39268c2143]


29-01-2005 13:58:23

They won't compete so kiwi cant pwn them!!! lawl


29-01-2005 19:03:20

That sounds like a challenge to me....

And the answer is....?


29-01-2005 20:40:38

we've already got the MoR league...


29-01-2005 22:27:55

I won't play in it. WH clan members are not allowed in MoR which I disagree with and so on principle must decline (no great loss only me 8) )


30-01-2005 05:04:03

[quote3e3661b8a9="AU_nide"]we've already got the MoR league...[/quote3e3661b8a9]

I've already got a Honda Accord....

But I also have a Porsche Boxster that I enjoy too!!

Let me draw your attention to this post you made back in November 2004 if I may


[quote3e3661b8a9="AU_Rambozo"]I won't play in it. WH clan members are not allowed in MoR which I disagree with and so on principle must decline (no great loss only me 8) )[/quote3e3661b8a9]

I think you are confused a little. WH withdrew from MoR. It is not that we are not allowed in it. I will not go into details as to why we left, but we were not kicked out, that is for certain. In fact they got mad at me for withdrawing our team.

So, what is the principle...?


30-01-2005 11:26:20

omg look at ur link bud...

"Posted Nov 14, 2003 - 0220 AM"

2003 wtf that is so long ago that Nide posted that. WTF almost 15 months lmao.


30-01-2005 11:44:24

I aint confused.

I'm mad at you for withdrawing your team too.

If you do want to manipulate AU's you're gonna need to be a shitload better at it than these feeble attempts. We're all very smart here P

Your league is no porsche. MoR is no accord. Kiwi can say what they want they are still birds bitches.


30-01-2005 11:45:37

Yeah, bird spanks me hard with his 30 inch peins!


30-01-2005 14:03:06

well *all* of ron is birds bitches


30-01-2005 14:41:40

I just run screaming when I see him coming it saves a lot of pain....

Not Important!

30-01-2005 14:49:42

lookey my sig bitches!!


30-01-2005 19:00:23

Opps, my bad I thought that said '2004' the first time I looked at it. I forgot he had visited way back then. I'd like to see the best players join in, but I'll understand if you choose not to compete. No manipulation attempts from me, just have fun guys and gals and know that you are welcome to join in anytime if you like.


31-01-2005 02:01:46

no worries...

...release the hounds


31-01-2005 09:56:38

sounds fun to me guys... I'm up for playing.