who plays bf2?


18-08-2005 02:17:51

because i'd own you if you do


18-08-2005 11:58:20


you must die!!

I tell ya where the boys play might join in and get wupped by ya. They gone to WGTN I finishing job up here dammit.

Nice t see ya alive I don't use messenger anymore why you no find me.


18-08-2005 12:23:38

I play but only on lans....cant play on internett cuz I didnt buy the game


18-08-2005 13:48:54

I play but I'm not that good (just decent cause of long shooter experience). Tell me when, what server you play on, & your nick and I will show up to cheapshot you at least once. 58.

- tl


18-08-2005 16:41:27

butt fuck 2?

Is this the sequel to that shower experience with your male roomate in college tl?

seriously what is bf2?


18-08-2005 19:13:59

battlefield 2


18-08-2005 23:16:30

[quote62d3f3c778]butt fuck 2? [/quote62d3f3c778]

rofl. 49. After all the butt sex you're wife's been giving me Bongs?... More like bf2000. 58.


19-08-2005 18:00:33

i play, my online name is KingAzwraith


25-08-2005 04:16:38

well if you ever roll onto any of the Xtra nz servers, you may find me ashbynz