Great Excalibur


23-07-2005 10:05:55

Is he real AU?

I didnt think he was cuz I saw a KIWI_Great_Excalibur and a KBS one too, all within the same hour.. shock


23-07-2005 12:17:52



04-08-2005 23:04:33

he has been in afo,aoi,kbs,kiwi,au,all with in 1 hour and he drops in rated games 2 like 3 seconds in 2 make u lose points. evil


05-08-2005 18:54:46

Yeah, it seems he thinks our clans have open membership. From what he told me, it seems he registered for some clans on their sites but then put on their tags without waiting for approval. And yeah, he's a real noob in RoN.