ElitE's new website


21-07-2005 04:04:04

D for a LONG time ElitE has been without a prober website, but today I'm proud to announce that ElitE has gotten a new website P !

its www.elitesite.tk !


21-07-2005 07:53:02

Your old one better work still, the hot chicks thread owned lol


21-07-2005 08:38:12

well it did before u started to post half naked MEN in there...


21-07-2005 12:04:20

I think you've mistaken me for Beer or Killa..


21-07-2005 13:52:45

uhm nope...heres the proof



21-07-2005 14:45:42

lol haha. nice one rune. i like it D