bad news


27-06-2005 03:34:52

Very sad news. I only talked to her a few times but she seemed like a happy/nice person...


edit fixed link (it keeps changing)


27-06-2005 03:37:03

Link is broken...


27-06-2005 19:26:32

maybe i am the only asshole who really doen't want to fake caring about someone i never met????? Sorry babe, I hope u work out your problems in the next life (if there is one).


27-06-2005 19:48:09

Well like I said, I only talked to her a few times but she seemed like a pretty happy person. That's why it's a shock.


27-06-2005 20:24:04

again, I am not trying to b e a dick i just cant help it....You boys wanna chip in on a ouija board to see why she would whack herself? Any other legal young girls out there lookin for lovin contact AU we find a member in your area to perform trhe necessarrry task(s)...........everyone agreed? She call AU we won't have a suicide on our hands due to our superior sexual prowess.


28-06-2005 09:11:26

cant believe u wrote that bongs


28-06-2005 09:11:51

how did it happen by the way???


28-06-2005 12:58:02

Bongs, there's proving you're callous and then there's being a fuckwit about it...


28-06-2005 13:26:07

Well now after some discussions on gamespy with aoi members and the newest posts in the thread I am starting to wonder about all this... shock


28-06-2005 14:13:38

Sorry Bongs. I attacking your behaviour, not you, if you follow.

You're funny as hell, but there's a time period for folks to grieve/process, y'know. Some folks grieve through bad humour, others react...


28-06-2005 14:48:29

well lucky for us theres nothing to grieve about, unless we grieve about the lack pf dignity of babou


28-06-2005 14:52:12

Something is sounding fishy by looks of AoI forum...

If its a hoax....its fucked up hoax. I am sure some of you guys have lost people you know before. It's not something you fake to get even with someone. Unless you are like 5 years old and your parents sent you to your room. But hell we are talking about people in their 20's. Kind of gives me a sick feeling in the stomach...but then again I can't be too judgemental as I dnt know her problems.

Bongs, anytime someone my age loses their life unexpectedly it is a tragedy so if people would like to leave condolences thats fine. Maybe if one family member finds strength and hope from 3 pages of condolences then maybe it's worth it. No I didn't or don't know her but its still a human life.


28-06-2005 17:54:07

whoops...i a lil drunk last night...not an excuse. I apologize to the dead girl and anyone i offended and I mean it as you all know i never really apologize. I shouldn't have said what I was of those times i should have bit my tounge or in this case folded my hands.... BTW if it turns out to be a hoax I meant every word of it.


28-06-2005 18:10:38

_HeaveNs_ReQuieM_ Today, 1110 AM Post #50

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They don't have this sort of thing in the papers, unless it's the obituaries. Which is why someone should find a French media source, possibly online, that lists this week's deaths.


SR_Astamm_SL Today, 1229 PM Post #51

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Research heve be done today. We have only two sources to confirm a suicide. First one is the place where all people died per suicide are transported. This is called Medico legal institute. We have called them, and the answer is clear, no Elody G here.
Second way is to call the local Police, we have done that too, the answer is the same, no trace of Elody G suicide...
Well, I am surely one of the older man, playing this game, 48 years old, the only thing I have to tell you, is that people who die, did'nt disapear in mother nature.... If this post is a joke, let me think that the sordid brain where this idea is born, is really insane and need a while in psychiatric hospital...

This was written by SR_ASTAMM_SL looks like he/she did some research and therfore I hearby withdraw my apology buttrock

And actually i read my last post and i think it is pretty funny. Remember I only thought it was funny cause I didn't know her (that was a joke too so don't give me any shit).