teh cup!



25-06-2005 19:53:13

so can u guys postpone or not??? we dont mind waiting for wolf and tl to come back....gigi killa and rolex cant play tomorrow and beer is mia too ;(


26-06-2005 01:21:01

Lol i can play but we can't play like this because we woulc have to little players =( Mind rescedualing it to someday next week? Rolex comp is broken i yesterday had a party (half a hangover) and gigi made quite a drunken post at our site (hangover) and as far as kh is concerned he is on a school trip in england visiting the infidels...


26-06-2005 01:55:55

yaya i wait for next week but if we must play 2v2 next week you must give bongs and tl anal 1 by 1. and play with your regulars if you go 2v2.

wait for tl is outa the question as he'll be gone for one month...and i really hope wolf will be back and in shape.

also i want root to have an aneurism first, now that he mentioned that online.


26-06-2005 05:49:43

lol thx sims, i remenber wolf saying he was only gone for a week, so when ever he is back and in shape we can 3v3 D


26-06-2005 09:48:58

i ran across this picture of rooty


29-06-2005 04:20:34

rofl bongs you have a sick sense of humour twisted