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07-06-2005 03:40:41


I am El Che. While I know I am not the best player in the community, I am striving to increase my skills. However, Che likes to think that he plays with the utmost honor and integrity. As Che abides by article 4 of the Geneva Convention ~ Treatment of Prisoners of War, adopted August 12, 1949.

History of Che

Che joined Elite, circa 2 months ago. Che was heavily recruited by a few different clans and finally decided to join the ranks of Elite. This was an extremely hard decision for Che, as he was cognisant of the precarious reputation of the Elite clan. Che being a hard-lined independent, didn't want to be seen as "selling out to the white man". But Che decided that joining a clan was the best way to improve his skill, and a chance to meet new soldiers.

Information Age

As I've joined Elite, I've been made aware of the reputation of the clan within the Community. This reputation was strengthened when I read AU_TL's comment (pasted below). I am communicating to the RoN community that Elite has changed it's ways. Gone are the clowns of Christmas past and winds of Revolution are within grasp. We have new members within Elite who are dedicated to being fair and playing with honor and without the ego. It is Che's mission to reverse the perception of the Elite clan. I am proud to say that we have made significant progress, but more work lies ahead. I ask that you give us a chance to prove ourselves and refrain from damaging comments.

Che's Pledge

If you see an Elite member unfairly mouthing off to another RoN member, please inform Che and I will do my utmost to take action within the ranks of the clan.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated



Your wait is over, hope you enjoy as much as I did .


I especially enjoyed these after your clanmate called me a cheater. ...and I enjoyed watching the recs even more seeing your team talk **** about how I'm such a bad player. Great way to represent yourself AOI, lol.

After looking at some of the other posts here about how your members are acting... Is AOI the next Elite clan?

- tl[be3e02da1e0][/be3e02da1e0][be3e02da1e0][/be3e02da1e0]


07-06-2005 04:16:25

rofl GG


07-06-2005 08:32:25

KK continue your mission the che!


07-06-2005 08:44:21

Go Che! Apologies on badmouthing you guys \. I'll try to refrain in the future.

Oh, and viva la revolucion!


07-06-2005 12:02:40


gj Che )


07-06-2005 12:40:54


good post though che ;)


07-06-2005 15:29:40

it was? I have a problem with anyone naming themselves after che guerverra. The dude was a filthy commie who got what his ass deserved in Bolivia.

P.S. I have one of his hands in my freezer.


08-06-2005 03:14:40

Photo photo!


08-06-2005 14:55:42

You can't earn respect for your clanmates. They will have to show they aren't smack talking tweens themselves.

Nice post and nice idea tho.


10-06-2005 18:10:09

Lol nice.. I'd say Bongs has it about right...and interesting how you say you abide by geneva convention rules for prisoners of war...the original Che didn't really believe in having prisoners...he would just kill anyone who didnt think the way he did. But hell I guess everyone has to have a hero.



11-06-2005 04:48:06

=O whats a tween?


11-06-2005 11:42:49

a small penis 8==D


12-06-2005 16:52:00