What happens in OOS



05-06-2005 10:16:34

I got 3 wins 3 losses in a 3v3. | The following "4" games are another OOS in a 3v3 (1 replaced by AI before OOS).

Also game #1 (the most recent game) I won with eggy (play with rolex and devilz). But it said I lost. shock


05-06-2005 10:27:50

BHG also really has to update player win-loss records /

Not Important!

05-06-2005 15:03:00

Yea, I've actually started playing and there's lots of wins unaccounted for /


05-06-2005 17:38:56

does anyone know email of BHG support or something...so we can mail them about that, and how to fix error called 'gathering exception data' becouse its pretty meany..


06-06-2005 03:29:30

Does anyone care? ^^


06-06-2005 09:35:54

yes, i do