2 weeks


03-06-2005 16:52:46

That is 14 days...err actually 15 days... before I am planning on making the biggest mistake of my life.... Anyone have any ideas how I can get out of it besides showing her this post?


03-06-2005 17:21:58

I suggest renting 3 hookers, videotaping your session with them, then mailing it to her anonymously. Make sure it's clear that they're hookers (giving them money on camera), and that the date is current (newspapers or a recognizable piece of clothing).



04-06-2005 10:06:46

Experience with it TL?

Hasnm't worked out to well for you did it? lol


04-06-2005 12:15:44

tl that is genius and i must put it on every congratulations card I send to a friend from now on.

You know, the grass looks greener on my (single) side of the fence....

But you guys is gettin your lawns mowed.