You F@#*ing Beauties!


24-04-2005 16:48:30

You know who you are, yes you guys.


dance dance dance dance


25-04-2005 14:01:52

Watched some recs at neighbours.

Militia rush from elite - lol pwnd by attrition. Wee comment for El Cap here - TOLD YOU SO! lol

See those little suckers melt. Here's a thought for next time. you needed about 10 seconds to melt the rest completely before they got that city. Put your troops on entrench in a line in front of city so they have to go through or round them - few seconds later - dead militia - gg.


25-04-2005 17:58:32

Well it helped too that they were facing something like 6 Roman legions and 2 HCs on ambush (from bird) and 2 eles (from me) and also attrition. They just didn't have enough troops to make it work.

Militia can work okay though, especially in 1v1 (harder to get through 2 armies in teams). See my militia recordings in the recorded games section and one of my turk v. bantu games vs bird, also posted somewhere in that forum.

Not Important!

25-04-2005 18:09:36

That game was boring, good work on AU side, load time took longer... -_-
What were they thinking? Militia vs. Roman Legions...


25-04-2005 23:25:58

Turk citizens are cheap and militia can kick some serious ass if backed up correctly. But you watch them, within seconds that army lost a large percentage of it's strength. Attrition is the shit vs militia. Unfortunately with turk seige its often over before you've realised it's begun and they have the city and that damned assimilation...

I never said that was an exciting game, just good example of attrition when it counts.

Yeah militia are an offensive option so who am I to knock it. Just bein a smartass I guess P


26-04-2005 11:56:11

If your borders are close enough you can keep your miltia at the edge & run your militia in just when the siege have reduced the city (or he attacks you). Turk attacks also work well w/ ambush (as I think sims recs v. bird show).


26-04-2005 12:26:28

Yep provided you have surprise it works good.

Guess I never see it in VRoN cos no despot but it's feasible there too. I do use militia just about every day though defensively.

This AU tag seems to be a double magnet. ) . Thing is, folks keep doubling us, we keep getting intense micro practise we keep learning to take more and more while the doublers learn to deal with half a good player. lol