Movie Review - Bad Santa.


21-04-2005 14:13:29

Billy Bob Thornton has already impressed me a great deal, in particular his work in Slingblade. As Bad Santa he reaffirms his craftsmanship for portraying the many faces and moods of humanity.

Bad Santa is an alcoholic small time criminal who, with his dwarf "they like to be called little people" assistant, works as store Santa and assistant elf. They run the same scam each year in a different state. Recon the store they work in and rob the safe on Christmas Eve.

From wetting himself in Santas chair to anal sex in the changing rooms, Bad Santa is indeed, BAD. This movie is very dark, and not for the prudish amongst you.

I think this movie is an absolute gem and one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Being in the comedy trade that's not a little bit funny, it's VEEERY funny.

If you're looking for gags per minute or teenies trying to get laid ad nauseum don't watch this movie.

For those with intelligence and patience, you [ue30b33c1f9]will[/ue30b33c1f9] be rewarded.


21-04-2005 14:25:57

"You won't shit right for a month!"

awesome movie!



22-04-2005 02:53:46

Haven't seen it yet but i saw a preview of it once sounded like pwnage ^^