MoR Reminder.


31-03-2005 10:14:44


[bcd5c1d1a53]MoR Reminder.[/bcd5c1d1a53]

For the ones who missed it - which is almost impossible - the MoR Sign Ups close at April 7th. After this date, signing up is no longer possible!! Match Scedules regarding the Qualifiers will be released around April 8th. Please note that Mister MoR, our very own _FSF_Zornmeister managed to get sponsorship from BHG. [bcd5c1d1a53]1.000 US DOLLARS IN PRIZES[/bcd5c1d1a53] this season!!

Also, check out . A few new features have been added, such as the "Dear Valky" forum, and over 100 new Arcade games to waste your time on. Of course, we will be publishing Match Reviews again during this Season. Please note that, just like 1st Season, non-clan teams are welcome as well. Just visit and follow instructions on the Newspage to sign up a non-clan team!!

MoR Staff is still looking for Writers who can write proper English for Match Reviews and other assignments. Let your clan be part of the Best RoN Tournament of 2004 - 2005 and sign up as Staff!!

Don't be the spoilsport of the community. You cannot miss this event. MoR Season 1 was good, but Season 2 will always be better!!

For MoR Staff,